The 50 Random Facts About Me Tag

This tag has been floating around YouTube and various blogs a lot recently and I thought it might be fun to do. I'm one of those people who can never think of something to tell people about themselves in icebreaker situations so at least now I have a list of fifty things on hand! Hopefully you'll learn something new too. If you're a blogger or YouTuber reading this then I tag you to do this. It's a lot of fun thinking of things. On with the revelations..

1. I love glitter! I always have. I'm not sure when this started exactly but I do remember having several pairs of sparkly jelly shoes when I was younger so maybe that's where it stemmed from. I am always drawn to sparkly clothes, makeup, accessories. Probably the only glitter item I don't particularly like are sparkly cards, especially the ones which always shed glitter!

2. I've been wearing glasses since I was three years old. I wear contact lenses nowadays but if I'm just around the house I wear glasses.

3. One time I nearly met Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Nearly

4. My favourite colour is mint green. Not a bright mint, more a pastel, duck-egg blue shade. It isn't a colour I'd necessarily wear in outfits but I like it for accessories, nail colours, stationery etc.

5. I am terrified of rats and mice, this fear has a name, musophobia as Google just told me. This probably started when a family friend's son tormented me with their pet rat. A few years ago we had a problem with mice in our house and I packed a bag and moved out for a week. That's how much I don't like them.

6. I love statement rings and necklaces. Obviously I can't afford fine jewellery so I try to find ones that look almost real. Anything too plastic and shiny looking doesn't appeal to me.

7. I have never understood the appeal of fishnet stockings and mesh tops. This will always remain a mystery to me as I personally think both are hideous.

8. My first pet was a cat called Thomas. She was a girl but I insisted she be called Thomas because I liked watching Thomas The Tank Engine at that time.

9. One of my fondest childhood memories are our trips away to beaches like Papamoa and Whangamata with my cousins and their family. We never got to see them very often so it was always a treat.

10. Sometimes I manage to trip over when there is nothing around for me to lose my footing. Embarrassing for me, amusing for passersby.

11. I used to keep diaries and scrapbooks during my childhood. Unfortunately most of these have since gone missing.

12. I love fashion and have for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is waiting for the Pumpkin Patch and Urban Angel catalogues to arrive so I could circle all the items I'd like to own. I never did get that pair of glittery jeans. Thanks Mum..

13. I also have loved magazines for as long as I can remember and often dream of writing for+working on one. I'd love to work for a fashion and beauty magazine or a magazine targeted at teenage girls.

14. In high school my friends and I invented a text messaging service to use with our scientific calculators. This was back when we were all too studious to bring our phones out illegally in class of course. Thinking about it now makes it seem so nerdy. I was also the only one to ever get my calculator confiscated for it. 

15. I didn't really start to get into makeup until after I left high school. One of my friends was (and still is) obsessed with it and up until quite recently I thought NARS was Nair, the hair removal product. Sad but true.

16. Embarrassing but true; I made Twitter and MySpace accounts because Lily Allen talked about them on Rove and I thought she was the bees knees.

17. When my cousin and I were about six and seven we got into an argument outside and she picked up a plastic cricket bat to wave around at me. When told to select my weapon of choice I went for the massive umbrella pole in their deck. This is all captured on home video and we are now great friends. Haha.

18. Despite my clutziness I have never broken any bones.

19. I have a lot of makeup, not enough to fill an Ikea Alex but still more than the non enthusiast. Let's just say I will not be running out of eyeshadow any time soon..

20. I used to love watching Hannah Montana and would take my friend's younger sister to the movies to see her concert and film so that I didn't look bad for going alone. 

21. The sound of any kind of scratching, whether it's someone scratching their jacket or running their nails over a wooden surface drives me mental and I will make people stop doing it.

22. I did drama classes for three years and I really regret stopping them. I loved singing and acting.

23. In high school I was bullied quite badly. It's not something I really talk about that much but it definitely had its impacts on me.

24. I have always loved photography. Taking pictures, looking through albums, and learning the stories behind pictures all fascinate me. I think that's why I particularly like fashion magazines. The editorials are so well crafted.

25. Like many young people I was obsessed with The Sims. I knew all the cheats, infinite money was my favourite and speeding up time. Let's face it, Sim hours were slow and if you can buy a mansion and completely redesign it without going bankrupt, then why not take advantage of it?

26. When I was travelling a few years ago around Europe and America I discovered the heaven that is Sephora. Naturally I had to go into every single one I saw and most likely walked out with something every time. As you can imagine this really pleased my parents..

27. Borrowing this one from Angie; I have never planned my dream wedding. To be honest I don't understand the fascination with doing it. If anyone I follow has wedding boards on Pinterest I unfollow that specific board quite quickly. 

28. I loved the Spice Girls and All Saints music when I was younger, admittedly part of me still does. Whenever we acted out Spice Girls routines at school I was always Posh Spice.

29. I cannot stand carrots. The taste, the texture, it makes me feel ill just thinking about them. I can tolerate grated carrot and carrot juice but that's about it.

30. Whenever I dine out in restaurants I can never finish my meals. I don't know if that's because portion sizes are just ridiculous but I can never do it. I always end up feeling guilty about this..

31. Pet peeves; People that wear pyjamas in public, pen clicking, Crocs (the shoe) to name just a few.

32. I am physically incapable of getting ready on time. This is usually because I can never make my mind up about what I want to wear.

33. If it's cold, rainy or windy and I am outside I get grumpy.

34. I always have to sleep with the door closed and have since I was younger. I am a light sleeper so I figured if any monster was going to get me that I'd wake up and hear it.

35. On the subject of scary things I have never watched an entire horror film. King Kong terrified me at the cinema and I walked out to wait for my friends to finish it.

36. My guilty pleasure is watching episodes of The Simple Life or Keeping up with the Kardashians. Instant entertainment.

37. If I hear the Psycho theme music I freak out and it remains stuck in my mind for hours.

38. I visually remember how to get places as I can't read maps. I am also rubbish with directions unless someone dictates them to me.

39. I love Broadway musicals. I think I've seen around ten professional ones.

40. The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favourite films. I know this because of its subject matter and also the quotes make their way into everyday conversation. See also Mean Girls.

41. Once upon a time I had a LiveJournal, like an online diary if you will. Again I deleted this. So much regret, I would have loved to reread it!

42. In case it wasn't obvious Alexa Chung is my style icon and girl crush.

43. I love and still love Harry Potter. I'm not ashamed to admit that because the books and films are fantastic. I was that kid who queued up on the day new books were released to collect my preordered copy.

44. I'm not very tech savvy. My friends can confirm this along with my Google search history.

45. I own one pair of jeans. I don't know why, I just don't like wearing them very much.

46. I have shoe boxes full of mementoes, old cards and letters I've saved from friends and family. I'm sentimental like that.

47. I don't get the appeal of watching a Rugby game, Rugby league or anything sport related for that matter. I'd much rather sit and have a chat over a coffee for a few hours. Sorry New Zealand.

48. If I could travel anywhere in the world right now I'd go to London, Paris, Capri and Florida. Florida for the theme parks, Capri for the gorgeous views and beaches, Paris-just because and London because it is amazing.

49. I have multiple notebooks on my desk. They're full of lists, musings, random pieces of writing and more. You can never have too many notebooks.

50. Last but not least my all time favourite band is The Beatles. I love their music so much. It always upsets me when a band gets referred to as the next Beatles. Don't do it music critics


  1. I loved this post! So many things made me giggle, and I can relate to almost all of these. I'll have to do my own sometime soon.


    PS I absolutely adore the shoot that Tim Walker did with Lily Cole (in your first pic) - Tim Walker and Lily Cole are just both so fabulous!

    1. Aww thank you! Yes definitely do it, it's such an interesting way to get to know people. I lovelovelove that editorial too. Tim Walker is amazing.

      S xo

  2. Number three is just brilliant. I'd probably fan girl so hard. Awesome post!

    1. My 11 year old self was devastated! They have to come back to New Zealand some day. x

  3. This is such a fun idea for a post. I might do it as well!

    I love Harry Potter too, I'm still secretly hoping for a sequel...I saw an interview of JK Rowling once where she discussed what would happen to all the characters in the future and it made me so curious!

    x Pearl

    1. Oh wow, that sounds really interesting. I'll have to track it down. x

  4. This is a great post, I love reading these kind of things! I'll have to have a go when I'm back from my holiday. Totally agree about fishnet tigjts by the way- ew! x


    1. Definitely give it a go. It's such a fun thing to do! I hope you had a fab holiday. x