The Week #71

The Week in Instagrams @nanawintour: *The Melbourne prepping has begun. *Celine Rita's stunning new Summer collection, inspired by Princess Diana. *Spring nails by Lisa at Leah Light Nails and Beauty. *Cereal heaven at Martha's Backyard. *Red lip bonanza. *Saturday mornings are blissful, always.

Must-Watch of the Week: I hope you're sitting comfortably because there's a few videos you must watch: #1-Amelia recently returned from a trip around the States. The good news here is that she made a vlog of her adventures around the country. I have been to New York City before but nowhere else in America so I really enjoyed watching this. Now I want to go to California and Los Angeles really badly! They look beautiful. Check that out here.

#2-As some of you may know, Tavi Gevinson of Style Rookie and Rookie fame was in Australia last month. She was there to talk about her world and touches on topics like fangirling, depression and being creative. Tavi's blog was one of the very first ones I ever read and I've been inspired by her since then. If you want to feel inspired then you should go watch her talk at the Melbourne Writer's festival here. You can download the talk as an audio or video clip, so you can listen/watch it whenever you please.

Product of the Week: Urban Decay 'Chill' Setting Spray, hands down. I don't know about you but usually setting sprays seem to shift my makeup around rather than helping it stay put on my face. This spray is so lightweight, you can barely feel it. It really does help makeup last a lot longer too. My cotton pads have a lot more foundation on them at the end of the day now.

Must-Read of the Week: To celebrate Alexa Chung's new book she took over British Vogue's website on Monday. #alexamonday saw this model turned muse sharing her favourite Vogue covers, her beauty insights and more. You can have a look at what she got up to on Monday here.

Added to the Wishlist: Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder is a product which is designed to add an invisible lightening boost to the complexion. I saw Alix of I Covet Thee talking about how she uses this powder under her eyes to add a touch of brightness over concealer. I find that concealer takes some of the brightness away and leave dullness in its place. This powder sounds like it'd be ideal for fixing that problem!

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