January Loves

So it's not quite monthly favourites time yet but over the last month there's been a few non-beauty things that I have been loving lately and they all deserve a mention.

John Green Books-I'm usually the slowest reader ever so the fact that these were both finished within two weeks is testament to just how good they are. I won't say too much about the book's plots but if you're yet to read any of John Green's books then you should start with either of these two. His writing is addicting and he gets into the minds of teenaged misfits better than any other novelist, in my opinion.

Diva Midi Ring, part of a set of four and Karen Walker Daisy Ring-I love flowers, flower rings, and midi rings. In short, this is the perfect jewelry combo for me right now. You don't want to be layering yourself in hefty statement jewellery during the Summertime and dainty rings like these ones are perfect.

Soap and Glory Hand Food-Most of my hand creams have found new homes recently because I love this one so much. Hand creams are one thing I'm very particular about. If they're too thick or greasy then I tend to not like them. Thankfully, Hand Food is neither of those things. It smells divine and leaves your hands feeling so soft.

Emma Kisstina Holiday Greeting Card-I love Emma's illustrations, they're so pretty and girly. I was having a browse through her Etsy store and spotted this gorgeous Christmas card which I'm going to frame and have as part of my Christmas decor during the festive season. 

Mavala Nail Colour in Elegance-Rose Gold nail polish has been on my wishlist for quite a while. With a price tag of ten dollars and the promise of beauty club points it was a done deal really. This polish has quite a dainty brush and makes applying it so easy because it doesn't pick up huge amounts of product. It dries fast and has a satin-feel, glossy finish. Love

Gilmore Girls-Yes I'm a bit late to the Gilmore bandwagon but now I am here and loving it. The snappy dialogue and the abundant pop culture references never fail to make me smile. This show is the perfect bad-day remedy as well. 

*What have you been loving this month?


  1. YES Gilmore Girls series 4! I'm just starting episode 2 - The Lorelai's First Day at Yale
    x Yazmine

    1. That's such a good episode! I just watched episode 3 last night, such a tear jerker. x