The Best Of The Beauty Instagrammers

#fact I love Instagram. Whether it's stunning food photoscute cat snaps or beauty and fashion themed pictures, there is something about it that is addicting and we all love it. Today I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite Beauty Instagram accounts to follow. This is by no means all of my favourites but of all the beauty-folk that I follow, these ones probably see me reaching for the heart button the most.

Evachen212 Eva was the Beauty Editor over at Teen Vogue until last year when she became Editor in Chief of Lucky magazine. She regularly shares photos of new products across her desk, macarons, skincare and what she's used up lately. If you want snapshots of upcoming products to look forward to, or even instant recommendations then you should give her account a follow. 

Into The Gloss The ladies who bought us the infamous top shelf posts on their blog also share their lives in photos. They post inspiring quotes, beauty editorial photos and of course stunning pictures from their blog posts. ITG is such a brilliant blog if you're looking for product recommendations or the scoop on what some of fashion and beauty's famous faces love and use. 

Mecca Cosmetica Readers outside Australia and New Zealand, Mecca is like a very scaled down Sephora or Space NK. Expect to see behind the scenes snaps from Mecca HQ, new products arriving on the shelves and even staff favourites. Their regular nail polish photos will have you wanting to rush out and buy the shades they're sporting too. Give them a follow if you love all things beauty.

Nails By Leah Given I am below average when it comes to doing nail art I appreciate documentation from the wizards who can do it like no one else. Leah regularly uploads photos of nail art that she does on her own nails and of course her clients. If you ever need an idea for a manicure then you are bound to be inspired by her creations. You may even spot my nails on there too if you scroll back far enough..

Pixiwoos If you're after a dose of beauty inspiration then Sam's account is the place to head to. She shares previews of beauty looks that go up on hers and Nic's channel, behind the scenes photos and of course product recommendations. I love Sam's 'outfit of the day' photos that she regularly posts as well.

Sephora If beauty heaven was an art gallery then it'd be filled to the brim with photos from Sephora's Instagram. They post the most stunning beauty photos by far. If you follow their account you're guaranteed to see something pretty appearing in your feed most days.

Vivianna Makeup Anna's photos are my favourite of the beauty bloggers I follow on Instagram. She shares plenty of beauty snaps along with photos of delicious treats and style pictures. Again, like Sephora you are bound to find some pretty photos from Anna in your feed fairly regularly. 

*Do you have a favourite beauty-themed Instagram account? Share them in the comments or tweet me @nanawintourblog and we can all share the pixel love.

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