Therapie is a brand that has been on my radar for a while thanks to Anna. I'd often considered ordering their bath salts from Cult Beauty but the main jar of these is on the pricy side and I wanted to try these out first before investing in the bigger jar. Flash forward a few months and I found this online store, based from a beauty therapy clinic in New Zealand. Over Christmas they were selling packaged sets that included minis of the Therapie products so I decided to pick one up and finally try the bath salts. Rambling aside, here's what I thought..

Himalayan Detox Salts Anna describes these as 'sleep in a jar' and that is exactly how I would describe them too. These salts are made from a powerful cocktail of ingredients including; Himalayan mineral salt, powdered Amethyst and Lemongrass, Juniper and Geranium essential oils. They are designed to leave you feeling a lot more balanced and relaxed. After using these in the bath, I spent time reading quietly before going to sleep. As it is Summer my sleep patterns are all over the place but I slept the entire night with no disturbances. I felt more energised the next day than I had in a while. Amazing right? If you struggle with sleep then you need to check these out because they are incredible. 

Cherish Skin Repair Serum This serum intrigued me initially because serums are usually associated with the face and not the body. It contains essential oils that work to rejuvenate, feed and tone devitalised skin and resuscitate skin that is lacking lustre. I already use a body butter and scrub but in conjunction with those my skin is a lot more moisturised and less dry. Like the bath salts, the serum has a calming scent so this would be another great one to use at night. 

It's safe to say I have been thoroughly impressed with Therapie so far and I'll definitely be purchasing more of the bath salts in future. 

*Have you tried any of these products?

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