The Week #86

The Week(s) in Instagrams @nanawintour: *Festive fingertips with Essie and Bobbi Brown polishes. *The festive face lineup for Christmas Day last week. *Flowers on the family table. *Candles and plates cause excitement these days. *December Favourites. *A new calendar by Dear Colleen. *DVD decisions. *The first burn of Figuier. *Shy kitty cat. *I started reading The Fault In Our Stars this week. I am obsessed with John Green's books at the moment. *Setting goals and dreaming new dreams for 2014. *American Beauty.

Must-Watch of the Week: Love Actually, especially if you didn't watch it at Christmas time. There's just something about this film that always leaves me feeling so..happy and confident in the knowledge that love really is all around. This film also has such an amazing cast-Colin Firth, Keira Knightley, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson etc. 

Product of the Week: Olive Hydrating Facial Toner* deserves a mention this week given it's very close to running out. I used to think toners were an unnecessary, additional step until I found this blog. I like this toner in particular as it is designed with all skin types in mind. It is formulated with olive and green tea leaf extracts as well as camomile. It feels incredibly gentle and soothing on the skin as well, just like the ones they use in beauty treatments.

Must-Read of the Week: Looking For Alaska by John Green. This book may reside in the young adult section of bookstores but it's one of those books that just seems to appeal to a much wider audience. The story revolves around a group of teenage misfits and their adventures+time at a boarding school. It reminded me a lot of The Perks of Being A Wallflower which I also loved. John Green's books have such addicting storylines. It's always a struggle to put them down.

Added to the Wishlist: Naked 3. An eyeshadow palette that I think looks stunning and it is encased in rose gold packaging. It even made its way into one of my dreams this week. If you're yet to buy any of the Naked palettes and like pinks and peachy toned neutrals then this may be the one for you. It has a more balanced variety of mattes and shimmer eyeshadows as well. Out of all three it seems the most wearable if the reviews and swatch photos are anything to go by. I'll continue to dream about it magically appearing in my letterbox.

*PR Sample

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