Mac Lipstick Collection

Pictured: Patisserie, Relentlessly Red, Impassioned, Scarlet Ibis, Rebel, Lickable, Lady Danger, Creme Cup and Show Orchid.

In case this photo does not give it away, I love Mac lipsticks. They have the most extensive array of colours and formulas, trying to choose one is like trying to pick lollies in a well-stocked sweet store. This is my small but well loved collection. Whenever I purchase a Mac lipstick I like to research first. Looking at blogs or YouTube tutorials with the lipsticks beforehand is great. I also highly recommend going in and swatching colours yourself. The Mac artists in store will also apply the lipsticks on you or sterilise them so you can try them on yourself. You're bound to find a colour or three that you love that way.


Scarlet Ibis-This is a limited-edition lipstick that was released as part of the Marilyn Monroe collection a few years back. It is one of those colours that often is repromoted in other collections so it is bound to reappear on the shelves soon. Scarlet Ibis is a red-orange. It is vibrant and the red tones make this a classic, statement lipstick. For a matte-finish this one applies really creamily and has a bit of a sheen to it. Mac's matte lipsticks have fantastic lasting power. They tend to not feel drying on my lips for a good five or six hours.

Relentlessly Red-This shade was from the Retro Matte collection last year. It seems to have initially been limited edition but it is now part of Mac's permanent line. Anyway, Relentlessly Red is described as a bright pinkish coral. Again for a matte this applies very creamily and lasts well. I like to layer this over the top to add a glossier finish.

Lady Danger-If Lady Danger were a person she would be the life of the party. This bright coral-red shade is definitely my party lipstick. I throw it on if I have somewhere important to go or just if I am feeling fancy. This shade seems to make your teeth look whiter as well which is always a bonus. Lady Danger seems to be one of those shades that complements a range of skintones. If you're after a statement red this is well worth a swatch and splurge session.


Lickable-As their name would suggest, cremesheen lipsticks are incredibly creamy. These last for less time on the lips as a result but I find they're still good after four to five hours, especially if you wear a lip pencil underneath. This blue-pink is bright, but not as intimidating as a neon lip colour. It is a really wearable shade and is very flattering, especially if you have a fairer complexion.

Creme Cup-My go-to lipstick when I don't want to wear a nude or a bright. This could be classified as a nude lipstick but it has a hint of pink. Most lip colours like this tend to wash me out as my skintone errs towards the paler side of things, thankfully this one does not. Again, this is a really wearable colour. If bright lipstick is not for you then you should give this a swatch.


Patisserie-This lipstick is a 'your lips, but better' and more glossier option. This photo doesn't show you just how worn down this lipstick is, in fact it will probably be my first ever Mac lipstick repurchase. Patisserie is one of those lipsticks that you can just throw on without needing to use a mirror and be good to go*. As it is a Lustre finish it does not boast the most amazing lasting power but it is so easy to touch this up.

Amplified Creme

Show Orchid-Mac describe this as a vivid hot pink. It has a subtle shimmer throughout so I like to wear this at night. This is a lipstick that I don't wear all that often but when I do I am reminded why I love it. If you're not a fan of the neon Barbie pinks then you might like this shade.

Impassioned-This is another of my favourite Mac lipsticks. It reminds me of Relentlessly Red but a pinker, glossier version. I love to wear this one in Summertime or if I am having a below average day. It sounds silly but there's something about bright lipstick that just seems mood raising. This is another long-wearing shade but to increase the wear time I apply the Embrace Me** pencil underneath.


Rebel-Rebel is my newest Mac lipstick. It is a shade I have wanted for a while and one which will definitely get a lot of wear over the Autumn and Winter months. This plum shade is so gorgeous on. I initially thought it'd be too dark for my liking. The colour intensity really depends on how many layers you apply though. It is such a stunning shade and I know it will be getting a lot of use later in the year.

So there you have it. I have a liking for Mac's pinks and reds it seems. Do you have a favourite shade? Let me know in the comments below and I'll have a swatch of it on my next Mac visit.

*Unless you have worn it down as much as I have in which case using a mirror is necessary. 
**This isn't showing up online so I think it may be limited edition, sorry! Shock Value or Dynamo are great pink liners as well.


  1. Why do I not have a Mac lipstick yet? Oh yeah, because I'm a poor student, haha! These are all gorgeous, especially love Impassioned and Creme Cup.

    Caitlin | Oceanic Stars

    1. Naww. Mac lipsticks are well worth the splurge, but there's plenty of great drugstore alternatives around too. Do some googling. x

  2. And I totally do not know why I just wrote that comment in Dutch. Gosh, I'm such a sleepyhead. I should pay more attention. Here's the English version, haha:

    I looooove Danger! It's such a beautiful, strong color :) I don't know much about make-up, but I do know that this is one impressive collection! xo

    1. Haha that's okay! I think I accidentally deleted that other comment anyhow. You're right, Lady Danger is stunning. x

  3. Love those colours! Can't wait to start my own collection :D