Where To Find Nana Wintour

Today I thought I'd do a round-up of all my social media links. Whether you're new to Nana Wintour or visit frequently, this guide will let you know where else you can find me online. I'm in the process of making a YouTube channel too so once that's live I'll update this list+tweet out a link. 

Facebook-All my blog post updates go live here first which then link on over to Twitter. I tend to post once a day on my page at the moment so if you're not hearing about a new post, there's bound to be something else fashion or beauty related appearing on there.

Bloggers Club-nzgirl have recently established a sister site for bloggers which essentially acts as a platform for other brands+people to find us and see our work. Here you'll find posts I have written for nzgirl along with links to some of my social media profiles. I often write about topics that I don't cover on Nana Wintour (e.g. recipes) so give me a follow, if you want to.

Pinterest-I love pinboards and creating visual collages so it's hardly surprising that I love Pinterest as well. You'll find a bit of everything on my boards; recipes, fashion, more beauty, wise words and interior inspiration just to name a few.

Instagram-Every Friday my Instagram pictures appear in The Week posts so you might've seen them before. You'll find beauty, cats, food (more often than not Starbucks cups) and pictures of other pretty things. I think Instagram would be tied with Pinterest for my favourite social media tool.

Good Reads-Good Reads is pretty self explanatory. You log what books you are reading and can add a star rating+written review when you finish a book. It's great to keep track of what you are reading and also to keep note of books you want to read as well. Side note-I am the slowest reader ever so if you do follow me, don't be surprised if I don't update with a new book for a while.

Twitter-Twitter is such a great source to communicate with other bloggers locally and even to tweet bloggers a little further abroad. I share links to my posts and other general banter. I'm sure you all know how Twitter works!

Bloglovin-If you're using Bloglovin to follow other blogs that you enjoy already then you can subscribe to my feed as well. If you go to my Bloglovin as well you can have a look at which blogs I am subscribed to. They're more or less the ones I visit the most.

*Sorry for the brief post today guys. I've been quite busy in the lead up to mid-semester break so I've not had much time to blog lately. There'll be some exciting things going up on the blog next week though so do keep an eye out for them! I hope you're all having a fantastic week so far x.


  1. Awesome post! Now I can make sure I follow you on everything <3

    1. Thanks Christel! I'll follow you back on Pinterest too :).

  2. So exciting that you are setting up a YouTube channel!