Shop Style Conquer

Before I started blogging I used to love reading fashion blogs, in particular Tavi's and Phoebe's. I still do actually. They're a nice refresher and a break from words like 'pigmentation', 'formula' and other beauty phrases. One of my current favourite fashion blogs is Shop Style Conquer, written by Tara and Ellen. As well as sharing their covetable outfits, they also post about beauty, nails and the happenings in their lives. Go check their blog out if you haven't already because it is awesome. 

A few months back I sent Tara and Ellen these questionnaires to fill in so you could learn a bit more about them. There's even some cute drawings to look at. Sorry the scans are a bit shabby but if you click them you'll be able to read them better. 

Have you visited Shop Style Conquer? What is your favourite fashion blog?

*I hope everyone's having a fantastic short week! I've been quite busy with assignments mainly and I had another driving lesson this morning which seemed to go well. It was my first time driving in the rain and I was a tad nervous about it but it didn't seem to go too badly.

**Images via Shop Style Conquer Blog.


  1. I love their instagram, can't believe I've only just visited their blog! Those little questionnaires are a great way to get to know the girls- lovely post, Sophie! x


    1. You'll love their blog Ruby! So glad you liked this post. Sx