The Reading Pile: April Update

It's been a while now since I did a post on books around these parts. I get less time to read once Uni starts back up so it isn't really until the holidays or the weekends that I get any done. You'll notice there's no novels this month-I re-read The Fault In Our Stars, which is great and you should all read it. I also read a series of short stories which I didn't end up finishing hence no review. I did however make my way through a couple of magazines, a cookbook and a new photography gem so if any of those take your fancy then read on...

Miss Dahl's Voluptous Delights, a gift from Britney-I'm a bit of a Sophie Dahl fan, and I promise it's not entirely to do with her first name. I used to love reading the columns she'd write for British Vogue so I was excited to receive this cookbook from Britney. In it you'll find recipes as well as personal stories from Sophie coinciding with each season. It's a beautifully photographed and presented cookbook and I've been getting a lot of use out of it.

Miss Vogue, Issue 2-The second volume of Miss Vogue Australia was released a month or so ago so I'm not sure if you can still find it at the shops now. I haven't really read this issue properly yet but there were lots of fantastic interviews and articles in this issue. There was also less iPad-exclusive content in this issue as well which is great if you're like me and don't own an iPad. 

The Granny Alphabet, Tim Walker-If you're a fan of Tim Walker's and clever rhyme then you will love this book. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a Granny and a short piece of prose to go alongside Tim's pictures. It's a cute and whimsical book that'd be right at home on a coffee table for everyone to flick through.

Blacklisted Magazine, Autumn 2014-Blacklisted is a New Zealand magazine put together by some rad Hamilton ladies. Volume 2 featured a range of interviews with local artists, delicious autumnal food and a gorgeous fashion editorial. If you're in New Zealand, pick up this issue and support some local talent. PS-Thanks for sending this to me Jess x.

-What have you been reading recently? Would you recommend it?

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