A Buffing Brush Dupe?

Dupe is not really a phrase I like to throw around. For me, it implies you'll be getting an identical product. The truth of course is they probably won't be identical, but instead you'll find they may be either more accessible price-wise or just generally easier to get a hold of. My love of the buffing brush from Real Techniques has been well documented so when I heard Anna mentioning the Sephora brush as a popular alternative to its Real Techniques counterpart I made note of it and added it to my recent Sephora shopping list..

Real Techniques Buffing Brush, sold in this or this set-The buffing brush, my base bff. If you want something that'll take all the hassle out of applying foundation then this is it. It blends product in seamlessly and leaves you with a flawless finish. It's love, in other words. My one and only gripe with this brush is that it isn't sold separately. I'd say it is worth picking up either of the sets above just for this brush though.

Sephora Classic Multitasker Brush #45-I've never owned any of the Sephora brushes before but Amelia often mentions them in her videos so I had a feeling they'd be good. Now this brush is actually designed for use with both loose and mineral powders, but it also works perfectly with liquid and cream foundations. The multitasker brush has more densely packed hairs and I find it leaves your skin with a more natural, no makeup-makeup finish as a result. Like the buffing brush, it takes all the fuss out of blending in makeup. 

So is the #45 brush a worthy alternative to the buffing brush? Yes, especially if you can't get your hands on the buffing brush. It's not a perfect 'dupe' as such but I've still been impressed with it. It's a bit more versatile than the buffing brush too as you can use it with powders as well. If you're handy to a Sephora you should definitely check this out.

*Have you tried the Buffing Brush or the Multitasker brush? Why do you like it?

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