The Week #103

The Week in Instagrams @nanawintour: *An outfit of the day on Friday. I would tell you where things are from but everything was bought a while ago, apart from my skirt which you can find here. This was en route to a brunch for Amy's birthday. *A snapshot of Wednesday. Acquiring the new Frankie always makes for a good day. *I made vanilla cupcakes! They were pretty tasty and didn't stick around in the pantry for very long. *The Sephora Shopping List

Must Watch of the Week: I really enjoy watching people's America holiday vlogs. I guess it's because I've not really explored America much and also because I have blogging friends based in the States. Ramblings aside, Amelia was lucky enough to go to Dallas last week and shared this vlog of her adventures. If you like seeing delicious food, beauty and fashion then go on over to watch that.

Product of the Week: I've really been shying away from shimmery blushers lately, the girl who loves all things sparkly...who would've thought. Matte or cream blushes have been on high rotation and I am loving Mac's Peaches Blush*. As Lily points out this blush works almost like a bronzer would on paler skin. It adds warmth to the skin and makes it look as if you've spent an afternoon in the sun. Love

Must-Read of the Week: Nutella fans, you need to make Lily's Nutella Milkshakes this weekend. I know I will be and possibly so will my fellow Nutella lover, Hannah. Tamira of Lipstick With Some Sunshine shared this post about blogging this week. Her sentiments about the state of how YouTube has evolved along with blogging echo what myself and some other blogging friends have been discussing recently. As she says, "What goes into a blog? Effort and devotion. Nothing more, nothing less. It's realistically that simple.."

Added to the Wishlist: This may have been featured before but it is on my mind again, Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder. The cheekbone chiseler in one handy compact. This matte powder is said to create the illusions of shadows without looking overly shimmery or orange so if you're paler and find bronzer a bit of a 'mare to work with then this may be for you. I'm just waiting for Cult Beauty to do their free international shipping offer again which'll hopefully be very soon. 

*And just like that the holidays are over. I say holiday, more like study break disguised as a holiday. I have to say the sleep ins and not having to commute into town were both very rewarding. Today I am just catching up on some work, emails & having a movie night. Tomorrow is my good friend's 21st party & I'll get to finally surprise her with her present. I won't say what it is in case she sees this but I am very excited and it's been hard keeping quiet! Other than that I will just be chilling and enjoying the last of the break. 

I'll give you a heads up now, May is going to be quite quiet on Nana Wintour. The reason being I have a lot of assignment+miscellaneous deadlines next month and they all fall very close together. I'll still pop in on Facebook and Instagram to say hello when I can as well but yeah, if you wonder why things go quiet there's your answer. Have an amazing weekend everyone!

*PR Sample


  1. I picked up the new Frankie too - it's so great! Also those nutella milkshakes sound amazing :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    1. The Nutella shakes are delicious. They're so easy to make too! Sx

  2. I have watched Fleurs videos but not Amelias but seeing as they were on the trip together I guess that counts :)

    1. It does :). Fleur just uploaded the second part of her Dallas vlog too.