May Roundup

May is  nearly gone. Crazy! While I'm quite pleased to see this month go by, I'm not too eager for the arrival of Winter. It's already freezing as I write this. Here's a little glimpse of some of the posts that have been up on Nana Wintour this month. If you're using Bloglovin you can keep up to date with all my posts here or like my Facebook page to stay in the loop.

Advice To My 19 Year Old Self: Blogging Edition-Blogging can be a bit of an isolated world sometimes, more so if you have no idea what you're doing. This post was just me getting a little bit nostalgic but mainly offering up some things I wish that I had known when I started out blogging.

The Handbag Edit: Lipstick With Some Sunshine-I was very excited when Tamira agreed to put together this guest post for my blog this month. I love her blog so it was exciting getting to feature it and also to introduce my readers to LWSS. Her bag has some stunning contents so get your wishlist jotting tools at the ready if you do have a read..

The Sephora Shopping List-Are you off to Sephora soon? You lucky thing!! Here's a little edit of my Sephora picks. Definitely check the Tarte blushers out because they are incredible. Notable mention has to go to this lip polish as well. It's a staple.

Five Product Face: The Update-The makeup that is quick to apply and easy to reach for on the days you're just feeling a bit lazy, or hit snooze on your alarm one too many times. If you're having a good skin day and only need a hint of coverage, the Nars concealer I mention will be your best friend.

*What posts have you enjoyed on Nana Wintour this month?

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