The Week #107

The Week in Instagrams @nanawintour: Coffee and four layers of clothing. They were both essential on Wednesday. *At the Maleficent preview screening with Britney and Hannah. Tara and Ellen were there too so it was a fun time! *May's Beauty Favourites. *Mexico deliciousness with Hannah from A Lovely Look. Bloggers chat and beauty enabling happened. Good stuff. *New reads. *A glimpse inside Tamira of lipstickwithsomesunshine's bag. 

Must-Watch of the Week: An exciting announcement from Blogcademy HQ this week revealed they've launched Blogcademy Homeschool. It's a series of videos you can pay to watch and learn some of the essential tools you need to be a successful blogger. They've also released a free blogging basics video which is awesome. I even found my blogging notebook to start taking notes while I watched this. 

Product of the Week: This has probably made its way here before, it's definitely been in a post or two but I am still obsessed with Sable eyeshadow from Mac. It's a really soft bronze with a subtle gold shimmer running through it. It really is the most stunning eyeshadow and is perfect for this time of year if you're not quite brave enough for red eyeshadow. 

Must-Read of the Week: Speaking of eyeshadow, the beauty world has been going crazy recently for the By Terry Ombre Blackstar Shadow Sticks. My recent Mecca trips have involved many a swatch and admire sesh at the By Terry stand, I'm not gonna lie. Anyway, Alix of I Covet Thee has found a much more affordable highstreet dupe from British brand, No. 7.  Now I know we can find No. 7 in NZ but I'm not sure if we can get this product here. I'll post a tweet once I find out. 

Added to the Wishlist: Everything in store at Mecca Cosmetica.  I visited the Newmarket store yesterday and had a look at some of their new products. What took my fancy? Well, a lot did actually: Ren's new cleansing water- a rival for Bioderma and the other micellar waters on the market, Nars contour blush in Olympia-sculpted cheekbones a la Angelina, Rose Gold nail polish-no explanation needed and of course Ombre Blackstar perfection in the form of Bronze Moon. 

*It's the weekend, and a long one too if you're in New Zealand.Whoop whoop. I have absolutely no plans at this stage, although a city excursion may be on the cards at some point. There's also a rather lengthy report to write in that mix as well. This week's been a bit crazy though and I'm quite tired so it'll be nice to just sleep in and not have alarms set. If you're going away this weekend travel safely and have a good one! x


  1. Yay for the long weekend! Ooh I really like that eyeshadow from Mac, it's a gorgeous colour :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    1. Yay indeed! It's such a stunning colour <3, everyone needs to have it. I hope your crits went well x

  2. Replies
    1. It's stunning. You'll have to check it out when you're next at a Mac counter. x

  3. I love Tamira's blog, and your post with her was great Sophie! Also, you've just reminded me even more why I need to invest in some MAC eyeshadows. so. many. pretty. colours. haha xx


    1. Thanks Ruby! Her blog is awesome. They're definitely worth the splurge-you should build a quad x