The Week #104

The Week in Instagrams @nanawintour: *I made Lily's Nutella Milkshake recipe on Friday and they are good. So good. *A little letter to my 19 year old self and what I wish I knew when I started blogging. *Lorde's issue of Teen Vogue (May '14) arrived in the mail and I got a bit excited. *What I wore to a 21st on the weekend. Never not loving that Hi There by Karen Walker dress from last season. Maybe it's sentimental, it was my 21st dress after all but I lovelovelove it.

Must Watch of the Week: Estee and Amelia created the Lipstick Addict Tag. Not only did it make me feel...better about my love of lip products, but it also looked a lot of fun. I have added it to my list of videos to film when I eventually get around to hopping on the YouTube bandwagon.

Product of the Week: Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub, which I ran out of a couple of days ago. This will have been mentioned in a post before, possibly a haul or favourites but I love it. The scrub has a sweet scent, but it's not overpowering or sickly. It's very invigorating to use first thing in the morning and of course it's great for combatting scaly, dry limbs. Sadly you can't pick this up in NZ, but I have since replaced it with the new Body Shop Blueberry Scrub/Gelee hybrid which smells divine. More on that another day..

Must Read of the Week: Paper Towns by John Green-I am still well and truly on the John Green bandwagon. This novel is more of a mystery as Quentin resolves to find Margo, his childhood friend and neighbour who goes missing. I won't say too much, and I'm not quite done with it, but it's great. Perhaps not as great as The Fault In Our Stars but it's still worth the read. It's also being made into a movie and I'm curious to see who they'll cast as Margo.

Added to the Wishlist: Mac seem to be delivering a few collections in the next few months; the Lorde lipstick, Maleficent, Playland (in stores now) and Alluring Aquatic. Yes, the Lorde lipstick is pretty dreamy but it's the latter collection which is taking my fancy. It's not out in NZ until June but that doesn't mean we can't think about it now, right? Anyway, there's an eyeshadow in the collection called Lorelei, I promise I'm not just attracted to it because of its name. It's a golden beige and one of their Extra Dimension eyeshadows which are stunning. I'll be lining up for this one.

*Another week of classes has bitten the dust! I swear this week has gone crazy fast and I already feel tired. This weekend I will be tackling making peace with InDesign (don't ask), catching up on blogging bits+pieces and going to watch the Rugby League. I'm not in the slightest bit sporty so you can guarantee I will have no idea what is going on, but it should be fun nonetheless. Have a fabulous weekend everyone! xo


  1. I can't wait for Alluring Aquatic -- the packaging is so beautiful, and I like the Extra Dimensions finish! Thinking about ordering online, even... Ooh have you picked up anything from Playland? I went to the launch a few weeks ago and got Hi Jinks, it's now the brightest blush I own.

    1. Neither! It all looks stunning and it's getting such rave reviews online. No I haven't picked up anything from the Playland collection but I saw it on counter yesterday. Pretty, bright colours. x

  2. I looked into Paper Towns, but haven't got around to reading it - but if you say its good, maybe I should :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    1. Definitely give it a read. It's not my favourite John Green book but it's still pretty good x.