September Roundup

With blogging I sometimes feel like it's easy to get trapped in a corner or niche if you will. For the longest time I restricted myself to only publishing fashion content. I love fashion, but it's not my only love. Throughout September I made a conscious effort to branch out and blogged about fashion, books and other topics that don't really get explored much. Did you like the mix up of content?? Let me know!

Here's a little roundup of some posts that were published during September...

The Extras | A Fashion, Beauty & Stationery Haul-After a recent wardrobe cull I felt like there was some pieces my wardrobe was seriously lacking. Some stationery and beauty were added into the mix as well. Did I mention it's a video? Go watch and subscribe if you're feeling generous.

Daisy Dream-The new Spring fragrance which I'm sure has joined many a girl's perfume collection over the last few months. I'm obsessed with it and it's been one of the only fragrances I've used all month.

SPF's From Clinique-In a bid to save my youthful complexion (ha), I've been incorporating SPF's into my morning routine. These Clinique gems have been working wonders and they're not interfering with my skin or makeup layered over the top. Wins all round.

A Celine Inspired Buy-I may have been hiding my preference of Birkenstocks in the past, not anymore. These Country Road sandals are shiny and comfortable, two things I love. Want all the deets? Click that link..

*I hope everyone's having a fabulous Monday. I'm in the best mood because I got my first A for the semester today. Yep, I'm that person. In seriousness, A's are a rarity for me so when I get them I'm usually always on Cloud 9. I handed in an assignment today too where I got to blog so as a reward I'm taking the afternoon off and disappearing to watch It's Kind Of A Funny Story