The Extras: A Céline Inspired Buy

Confession hour: I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to the fashion department. If that wasn't obvious enough then this will certainly prove my point. When we were coming back to Auckland I spied these shoes in Country Road and made a mental note to try them on sometime this week. As you can see that clearly happened...

I'll be honest, I've always liked the idea of Birkenstocks but have constantly been surrounded by people who find them hideous so I tend to just overlook them. They've made a comeback in recent years though and Country Road's new spin on them, complete with metallic hues had me interested. The Harriet sandal is available in silver, as seen above and also gold, black and white. Like the Birkenstock sandal they are ridiculously comfortable. Seriously, I don't think I've owned comfier Summer shoes in ages. I feel like the metallic touch livens them up a bit too. You're either going to love or hate these shoes but I love them. As I said to a friend of mine, they're Man Repeller-esque in the best possible way. You be the judge of whether or not that is a good thing. Oh and one more thing: If you are breaking them in and are prone to getting blisters, wear plasters on the section of your foot where the straps sit. I didn't and I now have blisters so yeah *sad times*.

Anyway, if you want to grab yourselves some of these I'd act fast. They are selling out rather quickly in stores and I doubt they're going to be hanging around on the shelves for long. 

*Do you own sandals like these?


  1. These are amazing! I love the look of Birkenstocks and am dying to get my hands on some or similars for this summer!

    Nicole | Pocahontes

  2. Do it Nicole! They are honestly the most comfortable shoes ever and they're much more supportive on your feet than jandals are, just sayin'. x