The Week #123

A Touch Of Shine For Spring-A bit of sheen on the cheekbones is nice but I also like to add a bit of shine to my accessories as well. Clearly Country Road's designers feel similarly as a range of pieces with metallic embellishments have made their way into stores. Seen here are the Tassel Keyring and the Hexagon Print Shopper. The keyring may have come home with me from the airport last week. Look how gorgeous it is! 

The Best Milkshakes Ever-I'm quite the fan of milkshakes and last weekend Charli took me to Fidels in Wellington which just so happens to have a rather awesome brunch menu and of course..milkshakes. I had an Oreo one and it was so good. It's inspired me to do an Oreo-Nutella milkshake actually. Maybe that can go on the weekend to-do list...

Style Inspiration-It doesn't happen all that often but sometimes the question of my personal style inspirations comes up. Aside from the queen (Alexa), I actually look at the runways and what my favourite bloggers are wearing abroad more than anywhere else. As NZ is currently Zara-less this can be quite a pain sometimes, but I try to keep an eye out for similar things in our shops. Anyway, Alix shared this video of her current style favourites and I loved it! I'm all for a more minimalistic, yet still classic approach to style these days and she just nails it. Adding leather backpacks to the wishlist as we speak. 

Matte Fantasy-What's this? More eyeshadows and they are matte. I know, I'm a changed woman. In seriousness, I have barely any matte shadows and the new Naked 2 Basics palette looks like it has you sorted. 6 mattes, one with a slight sheen that'll do everything from highlight, define the crease, you name it. Again, adding to the wishlist.

The Best Bookstore Ever-So I still think Waterstones in London is all kinds of amazing but Unity Books in Wellington and Auckland are awesome. Seriously, it is a book-lover's mecca and if you love reading as much as I do, you're bound to leave with a book or two and a slightly longer to-read list. I couldn't find photos online that I liked enough but Palo Alto was just one of the books I picked up in Wellington last week with a gift voucher that I had handy. If you live in Auckland or Wellington you should definitely head here for your book fix.

*Have a radtastic weekend girls (and guys). I've been working on essays and a blog assignment this week, the latter which is turning out to be quite fun. This weekend I'm finishing up said blogging assignment, playing with some new drugstore makeup, heading in to Mecca for some fun times and reading this book.


  1. Ooooo, we may just be popping into Country Road soon. Love the tassel x

  2. I also absolutely loved Alix's video! Had a quick look at the book you're going to be reading, definitely added to the wish list! x


  3. Yes! She has such good taste. It looks like such a fantastic book. I've not had a chance to really read through it properly yet but it seems great from what I have seen. x