SPF's From Clinique

Surely I am not the only one who gets spurred into action when it comes to taking better care of their skin in their twenties, lest we be rewarded with premature fine lines and early signs of ageing. My skincare routine's been a bit haphazard as of late but in an effort to restore it I've been trying out these two gems from Clinique in the morning. They're designed to be worn under makeup, reduce the signs of ageing and have an added SPF as a little bonus for you. What more could you want..

Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Defense*-I first saw this product over on Nouvelle Daily and was naturally intrigued. A lightweight sunscreen that not only helps to prevent against damage caused by UVA/UVB rays but also wears well underneath makeup. You shake the lightweight liquid, much like you would a liquid foundation and then apply the cream to your skin. It is lightly tinted, but it doesn't add an awful lot of colour to your face. It's an SPF45 which to me is pretty high for products like this. It also doesn't make my skin break out or get that greasy allure awfulness like other facial SPF's do. As for its effects on preventing dark spots? I'll report back in twenty years...

Clinique Superdefense SPF 20 Age Defense Eye Cream*-This eye-cream has a slightly lower SPF of 20 but it's still pretty darn effective. Usually I only use this eye cream at night but I've found using the Clinique offering during the daytime has made such a difference. Not only does it brighten the under-eye area, it also helps to visibly reduce the appearance of puffiness and under-eye circles. Being an eye-cream it is slightly thicker than the former, but it's still pretty lightweight. 

*What are your beauty must-haves for sun protection?

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  1. I also use the Clinique Superdefense eye cream because of the Spf. I like thst it has the sun ptotection but my gripe is that it has a nasty habit of separating in the tube.

  2. Oh no! I wasn't aware it separates. That hasn't happened to mine yet so fingers crossed it stays alright xx.