The Week #122

Pancakes That Are Good For You-Yep, you read that right. Olivia of Olivia Round Town shared this fabulous recipe for Protein Pancakes with Chocolate Sauce on her blog this week. They sound delish and super simple to make! I'll definitely be giving them a go sometime soon. Guilt free and chocolate sound like a match made in heaven.

We Were Liars-Oh my freaking goodness. This book. Now a few of you wanted plot notes when I posted this on Instagram but it's hard to do that without spoiling the whole thing. What I will say is this-a young girl from a privileged family goes to Beechwood Island every Summer. She has an accident and suddenly, things are not as they once were. That's all you're getting from me. Seriously, read it. It's so brilliantly crafted. I'm tempted to read it again to see how it's done but my copy is en route to my cousin as we speak. Grab yourself a copy here

Wall Inspiration-Lily's blog is one of my favourites and she always puts together awesome videos. Seriously, her editing skills are brilliant. I loved this DIY that she put together this week featuring prints and washi tape. It's simple and will jazz up any plain wall. My room's being repainted very soon and I was thinking about doing a fair bit of framing but this seems to be a much more cost effective way of displaying prints and the like. Searching for Washi tape as I type...

Lauren Goes To Italy-Many of you are probably familiar with fashion blogger Lauren from Someone Like You. She has impeccable style and is a pro when it comes to thrifting vintage pieces. I'm ever so slightly biased here, as Lauren is one of my friends. Anyway, she's currently doing a semester in Florence one of the most breathtaking places, ever. Seriously, you need to go there some day. In the meantime you should go check out her blog and Instagram feed because she's posting the most stunning photos of her adventures and time there. Do it.

My New Favourite Eye Look-Pro tip: Fix+ from Mac, and perhaps other setting sprays too+eyeshadow brush+eyeshadow=intensified eye makeup. Why have I only just realised that?  I particularly love misting this spray onto my brush before applying the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows. It really brings out those softer shades and leaves things looking a whole lot more glam. 

*I hope you've all had the best week! There won't be a weekly roundup going up next Friday as I'll be in Wellington but I'll still have a post going live so check back here or on Facebook then x. 


  1. Those pancakes look delicious! Healthy pancakes are amazing, but I always seem to make it unhealthy with lemon and sugar or nutella :p

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  2. So yum right!? Haha same-a spoonful of nutella never hurt anybody though, right? x