The Week #121

Martha My Dear-I hope at least one of you gems gets that reference. Now there is no picture here because I could not for the life of me find one, but head here to get an idea of what I'm harping on about. The lovely Anna of VDM sent me one of the Martha Stewart Home notebooks, along with some organisational tabs and it's totally changed the way I organise all things blogging. This feels like such a dorky inclusion but I love it and I'm a stationery lover so yeah, go figure.

Liv Joins YouTube-One of my favourite blog discoveries of late has to be What Olivia Did so when she recently jumped on the YouTube bandwagon I knew it would not disappoint, in fact I was rather excited.There's a beehive tutorial, her current monthly favourites and more on there. Go subscribe to her channel if you've not already done so. You won't regret it. 

Fashion Weekend-Last weekend Tara+Ellen and myself went along to the Mac seminar which was..interesting for lack of a better word. We also went to the Designer Garage Sale where I got a bit lingerie-happy over the amazing deals on Lonely Lingerie and we had lunch at Miss Clawdy. So basically it was an awesome time, with even more awesome people. Tara and Ellen were vlogging the day as well so keep an eye out for that.

Rifle Paper Co-Stationery addicts listen up, if you're yet to discover the Rifle Paper Co goodness then you need to get yourselves on that bandwagon, right now. After discovering them in Frankie magazine I have been obsessed with their designs and products. Florals, gold foil, temporary gold tattoos. LOVE. Pictured above are two of their notebooks which are just beautiful in my opinion. Proceed to their site with caution, more so if you're feeling particularly spendy.

The Weekly Staple-I've never been one to use face masks on the regular but that's changed recently thanks to this delight from Una Brennan. It's a clay mask that contains salicylic acid which is perfect if you've got blemish prone skin. My skin's been acting up a bit recently which I'm putting down to Uni stress and this is doing wonders. It reduces the size and angry appearance of blemishes, minimises redness and more. For a budget friendly mask I've been obsessed and find myself reaching for it at least once a week. 

-It's Friday & mid-semester break! Whoop whoop. I'm handing in one of my last assignments before I go on holiday today. Then I have an essay to finish and then I am free for 2-ish weeks. This week's been a bit stressful because of said assignment so I'm looking forward to putting my feet up this weekend and just chillin'. Tomorrow I'm catching up with my blogging bff Hannah which'll be fun and I have a video to edit. Oh-and sleep to catch up on! That is certainly a priority. Have an amazing weekend everyone!  I'll be back with four posts for y'all next week xx.

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