The Week #124

Crushin' On Coral-Forget the all-over bronze, coral's where it's at come Springtime. I've had the Milani Blush above and the Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick* on high rotation this week. Both have buildable pigmentation and I just love how pretty this blush looks on. If you can get your hands on it, get it. 

My Favourite Filter-Longtime readers will have no doubt seen Afterlight mentioned countless times over around these parts. Well they recently launched some new 'Seasons' filters and my goodness are they beautiful. Instagram's filters don't even get a look in these days. I love how you can adjust the sharpness, contrast and more in Afterlight too so you can get images you love every time. 

Nutella Cookies-My blogging pal Anna shared this amazing recipe which combines two brilliant things; nutella and cookies. They're totally not a guilt-free treat but hey if you can't treat yo'self on the weekend then when can you?

Pearly Whites-Pardon the blemishes and bare face, and scary teeth. This is quite a photo haha. On Wednesday I tried the Opalescence* kit that I was sent for review. Now you're supposed to use these once daily but my teeth were pretty white before I began using it so I'm not using the product as frequently. Aside from a little discomfort c/o the mouth guards I was actually pretty darn impressed. No sensitive teeth+pearlier whites. Sold...If you want me to do a full review of this just holler. 

New Jewels-Back in the day I was a bit of a jewellery magpie. We had a strict no-excess jewellery rule at my high school but I wasn't going to listen. Statement rings? Check! Things have definitely calmed down a bit since then but I am loving Jaime Ridge's new collab with Lindi Kingi Design. The pieces are all so gorgeous. I particularly like the Armenian Eye bracelets and bought the white one this week. I've added some of the others to my Christmas list too. 

The Gentlest Hairbrush...ever!?-I wouldn't describe my hair as frizzy, but it is pretty thick which makes brushing it a breeze, loljk. Bring in the Wet Brush. Questionable name but hey if Kendall Jenner is a fan then I'm a fan. Seriously though, this brush is so lightweight and it doesn't leave me crying if my hair's wet when I go to brush it. If you too find yourself in a similar situation in the mornings then you'll love this. 

-Cliched but whatevs, thank goodness it's Friday! Not that this week has been terrible or anything. In fact it's been rather great. Thursday afternoon put quite the dampener on things though so I'm quite keen to forget about that this weekend. Anyway, today I'm off out for a bit of girl time and tomorrow I'm having brunch with one of my rad Uni ladies. In between that there'll be assignments (oh hey 3000 word lit report to begin and presentation. ergh), blogging and no doubt a lot of listening to this #noshame. 

*PR Sample


  1. I never use instagram filters anymore - Afterlight just has such a good range :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  2. It totally does. It's worth dropping the dollar or however much it costs to invest in it x

  3. I must be living under the rock! What's afterlight hun? Some app?
    Great post though! Love it