Wellington Photo Diary

So a couple of weeks back I went to Wellington for a few days. My camera came along for the trip too but to be honest, I took a lot less photos than I thought I would. That's partly because I was just enjoying wandering around not feeling pressured to shoot and also because the weather was pretty terrible. I thought I'd put together some of my favourites though+share my thoughts on some of the places we visited.

*Instore at Iko Iko. One of my favourite shops ever. Wellington's so lucky they have two to choose from.
*I met up with Charli on the Saturday and we had a fun day of shopping and talking all things Blog+YouTube related. She took me to Fidels where we had those amazing milkshakes I talked about and also this eggs benedict with potato hash. It was amazing. Can I get the word amazing into this paragraph one more time?
*Wellington is known for its vast array of sculptures and artwork around the city. We went wandering along the waterfront and this one caught my eye.

*Arty Bees is an awesome (mostly) secondhand bookstore. They have an extensive collection of secondhand books and it's easy to lose a lot of time in there. If you're a booklover you cannot go past Unity Books either. I love it.
*This gorgeous fern ball is suspended high above the courtyard surrounding the City Art Gallery. It's my favourite and I always have to take photos of it when I'm in Wellington.
*A little bit of shopping on Friday. Another reason I didn't take lots of photos was because I slipped in the shower and was feeling quite battered on the Friday so not a lot of adventuring took place that day.
*We went to Prefab one day for lunch and it was so good. We shared the vegetarian pizza and I had this berry spritzer which was delicious.
*One of the many gorgeous shops on Cuba St. 

-I hope you enjoyed this little look at my Wellington photos! Are you all having amazing weeks? I'm quite nervous at the moment because I have to do a class presentation tomorrow on my experiences interning for a magazine. I'm sure it'll be okay but public speaking is not my favourite thing to do. I'm trying to make it as entertaining and as visually distracting (the slides) as possible. I've also (finally) started my Christmas shopping in an attempt to be organised for once as I loathe going near the malls in December. x


  1. All that lovely food!


  2. Oh my gosh it was amazing! If only computers had SmellOVision x

  3. Ahhh, love Wellington so much, I've been away from home for a while so this post was super nostalgic for me!

  4. It's such an awesome city! Totally worthy of it's recent nod of approval from US Vogue. x

  5. Such a nice post Sophie! I love Wellington so much, the culture, cafes and general community atmosphere down there is so amazing.
    Iko Iko is one of my favourite stores - I miss working so close to K Road in Akl city, I used to go in there weekly!

  6. Thank you Laura! Yes I totally agree. We felt like people (especially in shops) seemed to be a lot friendlier and more welcoming. Omg I love it too! And Real Groovy. May just have to go there tomorrow xx

  7. Nice photos! Love this little lifestyle post :) That pizza looks delicious!

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  8. Thanks Caitlin! Glad you liked it. I'm trying to slowly introduce lifestyle content back to Nana Wintour so it was fun putting this together x

  9. I'm glad I've seen this. It's made me more excited about going home (which is really needed since ATM I'm kinda dreading it)

  10. Aww. Wellington is so awesome! Maybe you'll have to visit one of these places on your return x