The Week #125

A New 'Tube Find-I do love my British YouTube fix and I'm a bit late on the bandwagon here but if you're in a similar boat you need to watch Lucy & Lydia's videos. I've had them on in the background whilst I've been doing assignments (multitasking ftw) and am now obsessed. 

Positivity In Every Day-Sounds cheesy but hear me out. I always strive to be better not bitter but let's be real. Life happens, things don't always work out and that can just leave you feeling a bit below average sometimes. In an attempt to combat that, I've started filling a notebook with one positive thought each day. It doesn't have to necessarily be something gratitude related, it could just be a new goal I've set for myself (as was the case of Day 1) or just something nice that's happened to someone else. 

Chocolate Goodness-Advanced apologies to everyone outside NZ reading this. Everyone else: oh my freaking goodness. Chocolate Milk mixed with Whittakers chocolate from Lewis Rd Creamery. It's as good as it sounds and I recommend you stock up because it seems to be disappearing from shelves very quickly. In fact, as you're reading this I'm probably trying to find some more. The struggle really is that real...

Who run the world?-Girls. Duh. So unless you've been living under an anti-pop culture rock, you'd know that Lena Dunham is behind one awesome TV show and now has penned a book. Side note: Does anyone else think of this song when they see that title? Just me? Okay then...I'm a bit too caught up in Gone Girl at the moment to read this but it sounds awesome and is packed full with biographical essays or tidbits if you will. Oh and if you're a Lena fan and think she's as inspiring as I do then you need to read the interview that was on Buzzfeed. 

DIY Lovin'-I do love a good DIY idea and Niomi shared a video of how to make over a dresser for makeup storage on her channel this week. Doesn't the finished product look stunning? Niomi's channel is another one I'm really loving at the moment and her blog actually. Check it out if you've not already done so.

*Yay it's the weekend! My week was great aside from not being able to hear properly until Thursday. It was not fun and I'm sure on more than one occasion someone thought I was ignoring them. My presentation is over (thank goodness). In all honesty it wasn't that bad, I just hope I did alright. This weekend is more of the same-busy with assignments. I'm hoping to go into town at some point, just for kicks and I'll be sleeping in! So tired right now. Have fabulous weekends 'peeps x. 


  1. Keep an eye out for a review! I might do another book-themed video next month xx

  2. I desperately want to read Not That Kind Of Girl. I almost purchased it just now but fiscally sensible Meagan put the kibosh on that - will have to see if I can find it at a bookstore and use one of my vouchers haha

  3. Because obviously vouchers = I'm not really spending $$, right?

  4. Absolutely! That is correct voucher logic. Unless you go over the voucher's cost, then you're in trouble. x