The Eyeshadow Tag

It's no secret that I'm rather fond of eyeshadow. Creams, powders, glitters-I love it all. A couple of weeks back I adapted the blush tag to suit eyeshadow and here's the finished product. The editing's a little choppy in places and I forgot to mention the questions a few times, thank goodness for the handy text tool in iMovie. A few YouTubers have been tagged too so stayed tuned until the end to see who I want to do this next. My next video will probably be my October Favourites but there'll be a lot more activity on my channel next month. October is packed to the brim with assignments and exam revision so I just don't have time to blog, film and do Uni+everything else all at once. 

Anyway, the video is here for your viewing pleasure along with links to the products I mentioned. Enjoy! x

Products Mentioned:

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