The Week #126

Editing Like A Boss-You may have noticed my blog photos have been looking a little bit different perhaps. While I wish I could take credit for that, I have this little guide from Nouvelle Daily to thank. I get a bit lazy in Photoshop and sometimes the automatic tools are all I utilise. Not anymore. As you can see from this post it's amazing what a difference playing with contrast and curves can make to your pictures. It's making me fall in love with editing all over again.

Flags-If you're following me on Twitter you may have seen the name 'Brooke Fraser' appearing in my feed a few times this week #sorrynotsorry. In the lead up to her new album's release next month I've been listening to Flags. This was her last album and happens to be my favourite of hers. In fact I think somewhere way back in the archives I even wrote about one of the songs. Anyway, this has been on repeat this week. I just love this record and the inspirations behind it. 

Take Me To The Halloween Candy Bar-Nowhere else in the world does holidays quite like the USA, especially Halloween. Now candy bars are awesome, whatever your age. My friend had one at her 21st and you could load up Chinese takeaway boxes with lollies. It was the best. Well Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere has a not-so-secret sweet tooth as well and shared her guide for making a Halloween Candy Bar. Hint: Lots of orange and some spooky decorations. Perhaps Hannah and I will do something similar at our next sleepover.

The Handwash To Get Your (Clean) Mitts On-It's not very often that a press release about handwash and other body products gets me excited and wishing that I could smell all the things. Well Anatomicals is launching this month in NZ and it's looking pretty promising. I've been using the hand soap* you see above over the last couple of days and it's love. It smells like passionfruit and it's pink. What more could you want?

Homeware Haulin'-Or the one where I live vicariously through Anna's John Lewis shopping. Firstly, look how gorgeous that blanket is! I'm going to blame the Frankie Spaces book and my ever-expanding home themed Pinterest board for my likeness of all things decor at the moment. It's that or my desire to be an interior designer someday. If you're in a similar frame of mind then head on over to the 'tube

-Have the most amazing weekend guys! Despite the university business, this week has actually been rather awesome. I'm still buzzing about the Mac Christmas delivery on Wednesday. I honestly was so excited and feel so grateful whenever I get press samples to review or event invitations. You guys are to thank too because if nobody was reading my blog I'd never get opportunities like this so thank you. Assignments are leaving me feeling a little bit loopy so I'm heading to a cinema this afternoon to see Gone Girl for a bit of downtime. Other than that I think my weekend will be rather low key x.

*PR Sample


  1. Sounds like an awesome week! I love the idea of a Halloween candy bar - if I wasn't going out of town I would so organise something like that!

  2. Can't wait for Anatomicals to be available! Aaaaaand now I want candy :-/

  3. I think it may be out now Tara although don't quote me on that! Haha I could do with some candy now. Just finished one of my essays x

  4. It wasn't half bad, aside from the Uni part haha. I feel like I'd set a candy bar up and then ban everyone from eating it because it'd look too beautiful.

  5. Ooooh that would be great - both the soaps and some lollies! Pass me the Reeses pieces!