The Week #127

"Who are we? What have we done to each other?"-And by we I mean Nick and Amy Dunne aka Gone Girl's central protagonists. This time last week I took myself off to the cinema to see Gone Girl. I worried that the book would become overdramatised for film and that a lot of the details and aspects that make it so special would be glossed over. They were not. David Fincher is a genius for a reason. If you loved the book you'll be pleased to know this was very well done. Every detail was how I'd imagined and Rosamund Pike's portrayal of Amy was spot on. It's left me wanting to revisit both the book and film again and analyse every detail like the literary nerd that I (not so secretly) am. 

Beauty Haulin' with Tara and Ellen-Tara and Ellen are awesome. Am I slightly biased because I know them and count them as some of my raddest blogging pals? Absolutely. Regardless of that, they uploaded a rather snazzy beauty haul to their YouTube channel this week and they got some awesome stuff! Interested? Have a watch of it here.

Reading Nooks-My future house is going to have to have several reading nooks. That's just non negotiable and it seems the Nouvelle ladies are of the same opinion. They've shared some tips for creating the perfect reading space along with some Pinterest inspiration. Have a look at it here and maybe invest in a Lotto ticket.

A new snack for S&V lovers-Salt and Vinegar chips, crackers...if it has that flavouring I'm bound to be a fan. Well Shapes have bought out a new range of Light & Crispy crackers and the Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar flavour are so good! Seriously they taste just as good as chips do without the greasiness. If you can get your hands on some this weekend, do it. They may be easier to find than that elusive chocolate milk.

Audacious and alluring new NARS lipsticks-Oh Nars, your matte packaging and products you send the beauty world into a frenzy over have done it again. In honour of the brand's 25th anniversary they've released a new range of lipsticks. There's tonnes of shades to choose from but I love this one, 'Anna' the most. 'Brigitte' and 'Vera' are also taking my fancy though. Which do you love?

*It's the long weekend! Whoop whoop. This weekend marks Labour Weekend for NZ and while I wish I could say I'm off to the beach or somewhere similar, I'll be chilling at home finishing off the last assignments for the year and having a well-overdue movie binge. Oh and I filmed something because I got ahead of my schedule so that may be up this weekend or early next week. Have a good weekend everyone! xx


  1. I agree that Rosamund Pike's portrayal of Amy was fantastic. Her cold - eye looks were frightening. "What are you thinking?"


  2. Yes! She did such an outstanding job. x