The Week #129

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words-Oh my gosh cliche alert, sue me blogging police...If you follow the Humans of New York page on Facebook though you'd probably have to agree with that expression. Now I was going to show you this book in a video but I stupidly took it back to the library early. Whoops. Anyway, Humans of New York the book is really special. You'll feel all the feels and I loved seeing everyone featured's portraits and the stories alongside those photos. There may have been some crying at some point over said stories... It's such a feel-good kind of book that'd make the perfect Christmas gift for someone who's a bit tricky to buy for. 

Taking A Walk On The Matte Side-My 19 year-old self probably told people that matte shades were "totes ugly" or something equally as eloquent. Flash forward a few years and I can now appreciate the power of a good matte eyeshadow. One of my lovely friends bought this back for me from her travels and while it's early days I am very impressed. I rarely wear eyeshadow without primer but the first time I used this I did and they lasted so well. Don't be surprised if this ends up in my November Favourites.

BRB Moving To New York-Wouldn't that just be the dream situation? No stressful Green Card/Visa process just pack a suitcase and bam, you're in New York, in the Man Repeller Offices. I literally don't know what to say about this other than I think this space and its contents are perfection. 

Starbucks+Christmas=LOVE-I figured out earlier that every year of this lil' blog's existence has featured some sort of mention of Starbucks Christmas Drinks. You'd think I'm Lorelai 2.0 or something. Well, this year Starbucks are spoiling us emptying our wallets with their Peppermint Mocha flavours. My friend Jess has mentioned it so when I saw them in Starbucks the other day I had to try it for myself. The frappe version was amazing. I'll no doubt be trying the hot version of this sometime soon as well.

Advent Calendars With A Twist-Beauty Advent Calendars seem to be all the rage at the moment but they sadly seem to come with a hefty price tag. The Jo Malone one launched in the UK for a whopping 250 pounds (500 NZD basically). Insane! Well Tara and Ellen have found a way around this little dilemma if you're not feeling so spendy and have made their own advent calendars. You can fill it whatever you please, beauty, chocolate. It doesn't even have to be expensive. If you're feeling creative you can check it out here.

*Have an amazing weekend everybody! I'm having a day at home of filming (fun) and housework+non-exciting jobs (less fun) and hopefully I'll watch some movies at some point. This weekend I am having some catch-ups and yeah. I'm so bad at planning things at the moment. I click 'attend' on Facebook events and then forget them until I get those reminders. Anyone else do that? I'll see you all on Monday with a video post! x

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  1. Peppermint mocha sounds amazing! Can't believe you're up to #129 of this post :O I love Humans of New York as well <3

    Caitlin x

  2. It is honestly so good! I know right? This post was initially under another title and I don't think I started it at #1 because of that if that makes sense. So there's probably been less of these posts than you think! Humans of New York is just beautiful <3.