Makeup Memory Lane

Ahh, the gold old throwback. Today I'm taking a look back to the years when I really started discovering makeup. There's insight into some mishaps of the tanning variety and just a whole lotta makeup reminiscence really. I found this tag over on Laura's blog and thought it'd be fun. I've gotta say, going through old selfies was quite a grim task. Why did we think duck facing and doing the peace sign was cool. Cringe. Anyway, it's time to take a walk on memory lane...

First makeup item ever purchased? When I was younger, a lot of the makeup I acquired was 'gift with purchase' type things. I remember I had a Caboodles Clear Mascara which was terrible. The first thing I can remember buying though was a Maybelline Lipgloss. It was in a squeezy tube and had one of those foam applicators on it. If I remember correctly, it was quite sticky but had a nice scent to it.

First MAC item? Creme D'Nude lipstick, a colour that's having quite a revival right now. It's a pity that it looks so awful on me. Think concealer/zinc lips, but ten times worse. I also got a Mac Technakohl liner in Graphblack on this shopping trip as well. Does that even exist still? *Update: It does, but the packaging looks like it's had a revamp.

First MAC/other brand collection? The Mac Wonderwoman collection. I remember venturing into town with one of my friends, back when Mac had a store on Vulcan Lane. I picked up one of their pigments/glitters in the shade Reflects Pearl. I still have it actually, and it even made an appearance in my school makeup because I was rebellious like that.

First high end makeup splurge? Hmm, probably some Chanel purchases in Duty Free. I think I went through a phase of using one or two of their mascaras. I also had their Spices quad which I loved but no longer own.

First makeover experience? Aside from a terrible one at a friend's birthday party, it was probably when I had my makeup done for my Year 12 (sixth form) ball. It was at a Mac counter and I remember asking for a smokey eye and winged liner. The only makeup phrases I knew back then. I remember loving that eye makeup and I felt amazing.

First makeup brush? My aunty came to watch me have my makeup done and she actually purchased me two Mac brushes. One was their paint brush style foundation brush and the other the #232 eyeshadow brush. I still have the eyeshadow brush actually and that was purchased nearly six years ago. 

First eyeshadow? I know I had a silvery white one from Dior that someone else gave me. That was probably it. I used to wear it all the time. After I had my makeup done I redeemed one of the Mineralize Eyeshadows. It was so pretty, a mix of bronzes and taupes. Not too far from what I love now actually.

First skincare investment? My skincare experiences back in the day were..dismal but I'll talk about that more later. I guess the first 'expensive' product I purchased was Bioderma but I feel like that's not an investment as such. I'll go with the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing gel because I'm 99% sure that's the most expensive piece of skincare I own, that I purchased with my own money.

First nail polish owned? No idea but it was probably a BYS one from Bling. Remember Bling kiwi friends? I did go through a real OPI phase during the first year of Uni. I remember having 2/3 of the Katy Perry polishes. Actually I had heaps of OPI back in the day. I was obsessed.

First fake tan attempt? For my school ball, someone (no names) insisted I shouldn't look half dead on the night, because I am that pale. So I set off into town and bought a Clinique tanning mousse. I've wiped this incident from my mind but I'll leave you with a visual. Chicken chips coloured skin, uneven, hands that weren't tanned. It was bad. I've only fake tanned once since and it had similar results.

More memories

Brow 'mares: That first bottom left photo was when my brows begun to be slaughtered. Many of us probably succumbed to zealous over plucking back in the day. To any teens reading this, don't do it! If you feel like your brows need a shaping, go to a trusty salon. In between visits, just tidy up any stray hairs yourself with some tweezers. 

Skincare fails: Not so much a fail, more a case of being prescribed products that really did nothing for my skin. My teenage self would have never thought to go and research ingredients or look up reviews for products. In fact I don't think that was even a major part of blogging back then. My skin was terrible for years and I wish I'd had a good resource to refer to. If you're looking for somewhere to start check out Caroline's blog or Sali Hughes' book, Pretty Honest

Makeup and School: Now I don't really remember when I started wearing makeup to school. There was always the odd LipSmacker floating around in my bag, or a Maybelline lipgloss like the one above. That was probably about it until Year 11. Then I wore mascara, maybe some eyeshadow (I know, so subtle), liner and lip balm. I can't remember if I wore foundation to school but there was no concealer around in my life then. Goodness knows there should've been. With school makeup, keep it natural ladies. Maybe a light tinted moisturiser or just concealer and a setting powder if your skin's not that bad. 

-Do you have any makeup memories or mishaps? Share them below! x

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