The Week #153

Lisa Eldridge and why I find her inspiring: Okay storytime, did you know Lisa Eldridge was born in New Zealand and spent the first six years of her life here? She did, she's technically a kiwi. Now why do I find Lisa so inspiring? She's achieved such amazing things in her career and juggles a lot of hats. Mad props to her. She's also coming out with a book, which she wrote and researched herself and is currently creative director at Lancome. Fangirling aside, if you think Lisa is as awesome as I do, check out this story over on Into The Gloss. 

H&M Home: If you follow any of the European bloggers, you're bound to have spied H&M Home pieces in their post. Cheap, cheerful and so on-trend. What's not to love? I'm looking forward to seeing what homeware pieces they have at H&M in Sydney. In fact, I've already made a little wishlist. That cushion cover above is on my wishlist. So chic.

The Coveteur meets Daisy Lowe: If you follow my Facebook page you will have seen me share this photo yesterday. The Coveteur and Into The Gloss never fail to deliver amazing content week after week. Their look around Daisy Lowe's home this week did not disappoint. Expect pastels, plenty of glitter and sequins. 

Sali Hughes x Pixiwoo: More inspirational women in the beauty industry. This is turning into one girl power-esque post. Sam and Nic filmed a video talking with Sali about her book Pretty Honest and how she forged her career as a beauty journalist and columnist. Again, if you want some inspiration+insight into people achieving their dreams, watch. 

Ballet as exercise? Thanks to Ballet Beautiful, a favourite of Alexa Chung's, we are now seeing more and more ballet classes for the non-dancer popping up. I used to do jazz ballet, centuries ago but the idea of doing classes which sound like they're part ballet/part yoga/pilates really intrigues me. I'm not the kind of person who will go running for kicks so this sort of exercise sounds right up my street. 

-Have the most amazing weekend everybody. This week's been great and I've had so many moments where I've felt so grateful for what's happening in my life. Today I'm organising a surprise for someone awesome. This weekend I'll be blogging, maybe starting some packing if I'm feeling uncharacteristically organised and hopefully hanging with Amy at some point.

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