The Week #155

The Hair Saver-I'm not sure if this is just a #thickhairproblem but I genuinely loathe washing my hair. It's so tedious! Well now I've found something to use when I feel like going an extra day between washes. Pret A Powder from Bumble & Bumble does the trick. Part dry shampoo, part style extender, it helps to disguise second day hair. There's no white cast left in your hair either which I love given I have dark brown hair. I'm so glad I bought this and will definitely grab the full sized once my mini's all used up.

Finding Audrey-Surprise mail can often be the best kind, more so if it's in the form of a book. The lovely folk over at Penguin+Random House sent me Sophie Kinsella's upcoming novel to read. It's appealing to me already because #1-it's written by a Sophie and #2-it's YA. This'll be on my June reading list so I'll talk about it more then. In the meantime you can check it out here

Gourmet Chocolate in NZ-Apparently us New Zealanders get awfully excited when local chocolate brand Whittakers invent anything really. Well they've done it again with a new, artisan line of chocolates. I tried the Sea Salt & Caramel Brittle flavour and it is amazing. So amazing that it seems to be selling out everywhere! They also have other flavour combinations including oolong tea, pear and manuka honey and more. Add one to your grocery basket this weekend. 

Shauna speaks the truth-After meeting Shauna last December it became apparent that she is a wealth of knowledge. This week she posted an article about the path to success and the extent of the journey to landing your dream job. As she says in the title, there really is no shortcut to greatness and this article really resonated with me this week. It was exactly what I needed to read too so thanks Shauna! x

Foundation decisioning solved-This is more of a #PSA than anything. I finally chose a new foundation this week. My Chanel one's nearly all gone and while I love it, it's just a bit too pricey to replace at the moment. I ended up going for the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless foundation which I'd used two tester pots of and decided I did quite like it. No doubt you'll spy a review around these parts at some point.

*Have a fabulous weekend everyone! This week ended up being quite busy, which is never a bad thing tbh. This afternoon I'm off to a Benefit brow event which should be fun. Tomorrow I'm going to watch Pitch Perfect 2 and then Rent at the local theatre in the evening which I'm looking forward to. See y'all on Monday with another fresh post! x

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