May Reading List

Given how busy last month ended up being, I'm not sure I'll make a major dent in these books but hey it's worth a try. As always there's some fiction, including a book I've been looking forward to read ever since I started the series, two memoirs which look promising and that gigantic novel I ambitiously tried to finish in April to no avail. Here's what's on May's reading list..

The Heir by Kiera Cass, not pictured-The fourth novel in The Selection series is out on Tuesday but I preordered my copy. It just hasn't arrived yet. The first twelve chapters are available here now though. There's even some cats to make the whole experience even better. I've only read the first seven chapters but this book seems promising, and Eadlyn seems even more feisty than America. I'll try to remember to do a review here or over on Instagram once it arrives though. 

Traveling to Infinity by Jane Hawking-After seeing The Theory of Everything and being inspired by the Hawking's story, I knew I had to read the book. I'm not far into this yet but it tells the story of Jane and Stephen Hawking's life together. It also goes a bit more into detail than the film does. For instance, I got the impression they both met at university but it turns out they'd met before that, and had even crossed paths when they were both at school. This looks set to be an inspiring read.

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt-Given how busy April was it was awfully ambitious of me to expect to get through this 700+ page novel within four weeks. I'm about 200 pages in now and I love this book. There's just something about the way Tartt writes that just gets me y'know? I'm taking this one away with me to Australia so no doubt I'll make a bit more of a dent in it should the in-flight entertainment leave a lot to be desired. *Update: Theory of Everything and Gone Girl are on the in-flight entertainment. Sorry The Goldfinch, you may be left untouched....

Just Kids by Patti Smith-I don't remember how or when I heard about this book, I just know it's one that often comes up in interviews with anyone I admire. Many of them say how inspiring this is and everyone seems to love it so I have high hopes. There's even a New York Times bestseller sticker or something like that on the front. Again, high hopes, people. 

-Have you read any of these books? If not, what do you plan on reading in May?

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