May Happy Mail

Another month, another cardboard envelope of Happy Mail goodness from A Beautiful Mess. This month seems to have been all about typography with the odd illustrated graphic thrown in for good measure. This month's pack is sold out now, in fact it sold out before it arrived. Side note: Would you still like to see these posts? I feel kinda mean blogging about pretty stationery that is no longer purchasable. Anyway, on with the May Happy Mail...

This month marks the return of the copper foil which made me happy. Funny that...While I liked last month's silvery foil, I felt like it was a little bit trickier to read on some of the designs. One of this month's specials was this wifi password print. I think this is so cute and home is where the wifi is after all. There's also the 'you're golden' card which I love and am saving for my pinboard because of its positive vibes. I also really like the eye print card above as well as the birthday card and that succulent card in the bottom corner. The one card I'm a bit 'meh' about in this photo is the dance step one. I think it was for the foxtrot but it just didn't appeal to me as much as these other prints.

It wouldn't be Happy Mail without a lil' bit of colour now would it? That sewing themed card is reserved for my Mum who loves quilting and craft. I know she'll love it. The motivational/straight up print is going to up somewhere I can see it. I'm thinking of framing it for my desk actually. We shall see. I love that pretzel card and also the phrase stickers. There were some in the first Happy Mail I received and I love using them so they'll be handy. There was also emoji stickers this month and a postcard to send just to say hey. 

-So that was this month's Happy Mail. If you receive it, which piece was your favourite? Also let me know if you want me to continue with these posts. If Happy Mail continues to sell out every month I might just keep it to Instagram or my Facebook page only, so I don't feel too mean. 

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