The Week #154

The New Wardrobe Staple-If you follow me on Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter (all hands on deck guys) then you've probably already spied me raving about this trench coat. Now I cannot find it online, but I only purchased it on Monday at Topshop so it might still be around. It's a navy blue trench coat and is basically the coat I have wanted in my life forever since I saw this picture. I'll basically be living in this all Winter.

A Homeware Lover's Paradise-Mum and I took a trip out to Bondi Junction on Sunday with the intention of going to Bondi Beach. After seeing the queues for the buses there though that changed but I'm kinda glad it did because I discovered the most amazing shop. West Elm is like stepping into a real life Pinterest house. There's Scandinavian inspired pieces aplenty and even the odd copper component or two. I did try to justify copper measuring cups...They have some seriously stunning things and they cater for a range of budgets. If you're in Sydney you have to go here. 

Subway Book Review-Buzzfeed is a site I visit daily and I have no shame in admitting that. Sometimes it's less depressing than the local papers, in fact it's much more uplifting. Anyway, this week they shared an article about the Instagram+Tumblr of the Subway Book Review. Nope, they don't interview people over their customised sandwiches, they talk to people at New York Subway stations about what they're reading. Each photo comes with a mini review and an insight into the reader's thoughts. If you love books and photography then you have to check this out. 

Do You Hear The People Sing-I'm sure everybody got a bit tired of hearing about me going to see Les Miserables in Sydney #sorrynotsorry. Ever since I saw the movie I've been obsessed with the songs and the story. This current revival, which I think follows the updated Broadway show was amazing. The casting was perfect, seriously their vocals were insane. I was blown away. You get the idea, it was fantastic. Go see it if you're in Sydney because it'll totally wow you. 

Printspiration-Olivia's blog is always packed to the brim with awesome places, things and people to discover. Her latest post of artists she loves was no exception. I loved the works of Cardboard Cities (pictured) and Emma Block. Those collages are stunning. 

-As always, have the absolute raddest of weekends everyone. Whilst I'm not so enthusiastic to be back in the freezing cold place that is NZ right now it hasn't been all bad. This weekend I have a lunch date with one of my friends and I'm going to watch my honorary sibling sister from another mister perform in her school's musical. Hi E if you're reading. See y'all Monday with a beauty review! x

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