10 More Things That Make Me Happy

I'll be honest, I'd been a bit slack with keeping up with my positivity journaling but I picked it up again a couple of weeks ago and haven't looked back. So, here's another ten things that have made me happy recently...

1. Conversations with beautiful strangers in Lush. 

2. Licking the bowl after making chocolate brownie (shh). 

3. Winning a $250 Smith & Caughey voucher. *I actually ended up sharing this with someone else but I got myself this ring which I love.

4. Book chats on Twitter. 

5. Singing along to Fleetwood Mac's Rumors album. 

6. Endless Tumblr scrolling. 

7. Miranda Sings voices on phone conversations. 

8. Having a secret S Club 7 desk party session for one. 

9. Being indoors with rain beating against the windows. 

10.  Reading all the magazines.

-What's made you happy recently?

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