Things I Bought & Liked: Volume 2

Y'know the drill here. I see things, I buy them and inevitably I end up liking them. There is not a lot more to it than that really. So, if you are intrigued as to what I bought and liked then read on...

Renegade Collective, Issue 22 -I seem to only be able to find this magazine in airports, which is where this issue was purchased so it's like finding treasure. Side note: If you know where I can find this in Auckland then let me know! The latest issue features Amy Poehler and a shedload more inspiration. I've not had a chance to read this yet as I am still finishing up last month's issue but I find Collective so different to any other magazine I read. It's the perfect blend of fun and serious content and I love it.

Crystal Pendant, Matchbox Studios-The last three pendants I have bought have all featured semi-precious stones of some point so it is safe to say I am a bit obsessed with them. I visited Matchbox Studios' second home in the St Kevins arcade last week and they have a ton of pendant necklaces. I ended up bringing this one home because I liked the fact it has a bar across the top, rather than just the pendant hanging on its own. I wear mine so often and I'd be lost without them.

Clinique Cheek Pop in Melon Pop-So technically this is an early birthday present from one of my friends (shout-out to M if you're reading) but I had to include it because look how beautiful it is. This peachy pink blush is super cute and aside from its appealing daisy embossing, it's meant to be a pretty darn good blush too. I will keep you posted.

Nook and Burrow Bookmarks-After spying these bookmarks on Instagram I knew I'd have to pick some up at some point. I actually grabbed three but one was for a giveaway last week. I really like them both but this Hermione Granger one is easily my favourite.

-What have you bought and liked recently?

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