My Week in Pictures

This week, in an attempt to get a bit more creative and snap happy, I decided to take at least one photo a day, every day from Monday to Thursday. I found this really fun to do so I might try to make it a regular thing, although my life isn't that exciting. We shall see. Oh-and advanced apologies for the fact most of these photos were taken at home. I was sick during the first part of the week and then when I was out it was too wet to take my camera along. As Siri would say, when she's not deeming all of us friendless, I did try my best...

-(Above) Tuesday was so rainy and awful outside so I stayed indoors most of the day. Here's the view from my desk and a little snippet of my Tumblr. Follow me for an extreme overdose of randomness. 

-My Rifle Paper Co. calendar was finally rehung on the wall and because July's page is just so pretty I had to take a photo of it. Side note: I wish it was blueberry season.

-Lunchtime reads. On this day I was beginning Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen. So far I'm loving this book. Sydney's character is so relatable and I just love it. Apologies for the lack of eloquence here but this book is good. Real good.

-Makeup from Wednesday's face. Admittedly I was only going up the road to run some errands but it's times like these that are good for me to test out new products and also look less...zombie-like. I lovelovelove that Maybelline Mastersculpt* duo. Psst, keep an eye out for Maybelline goodness on the blog next week.

-A photo ready tray at an Estee Lauder launch event on Thursday. I had a fun time drinking delicious soda and catching up with Tara and Ellen from Shop Style Conquer

-Finally visited Matchbox Studios in the St Kevins Arcade this week too. I forgot to take photos because I was too busy chatting and admiring things with my eyes and not a lens. Whoops. Anyway, here is what I picked up and I will definitely be back because they have loads of beautiful things.

*I hope your week's have been absolutely wicked. This week's been pretty decent and despite feeling under the weather it hasn't been too bad. Pro's of being ill: I can watch all the guilty-pleasure TV (i.e. binge on old Keeping Up With The Kardashians episodes) and read to my heart's content. Tonight I have a birthday party of sorts for one of my oldest friends. Shoutout to you G if you are reading. I'm also going to a screening of Paper Towns this weekend with Amy which we are very excited for, if only to see the Queen of Eyebrows (Ms Cara D) as Amy puts it. Have a good one x.

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