The Week #160

Big Eyes & Big Lies: So this week I finally watched Big Eyes starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz. It tells the story of Margaret Keane and Walter Keane, the man who eventually becomes her husband and takes credit for her iconic 'big eyes' paintings. It's directed by Tim Burton so you can expect lots of aesthetic pleasingness but it's also a really interesting story. Amy Adams is amazing in this film but so is Waltz who honestly made me loathe his character so much. He did a good job at being an asshat haha. Anyway, if you like art and biopics, watch it. 

A Little Makeover: Did you notice that new, fancy header at the top of the page? That is the work of the lovely Kate Ranfurly. We've been emailing back and forward working on this for the last month or so as well as on some other bits+bobs and she's been awesome to work with. She gets my love of rose gold and very classic type. If you want to see the mood board she made for my logo you can check it out here

Life with Louise: When Louise's extremely pretty, sparkly book Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter* arrived last week I was all kinds of excited. Louise was one of the first YouTubers I watched and while she's a lot more successful these days, I feel like she's still very authentic and her genuine personality and quirkiness shines through. Her book is no different and her random musings throughout have had me laughing out loud. I'm not quite finished this one yet but it's such a good read and really caters for a wide range of ages because Louise has such a varied audience. If you want a pretty, positive, uplifting read go for this one.

A Pinterest-Worthy Bathroom: Kate of gh0stparties often shoots stunning pictures that are the epitome of #lifegoals, Pinterest inspiration and all round radness. Well she's bringing the inspiration big time with her recently updated bathroom space. Seriously, it's a beauty. Peonies, lots of white, marbled accents, Rifle Paper Co prints and plenty of actual beauty gems. If this kind of thing floats your boat you have to have a look at it.

Happy Birthday Cher Horowitz: As if! The original Blair Waldorf totally turns twenty this year. I would've been way too young to jump on the Clueless bandwagon the first time around but in the post-Mean Girls era I can now fully embrace and appreciate it. It's so cleverly done, and mad props have to be given to anyone who can make Jane Austen seem more exciting. I hope my former English Lit teacher isn't reading this...Also Cher's wardrobe was pretty darn on point, let's be real. I wouldn't mind seeing those cardis with the fluffy edged sleeves coming back. Anyway, that lengthy piece of appreciation was leading to telling you to go read this  post Evelyn of Just So Pretty penned sharing the love for this nineties classic and how its fashion impacted her life. 

-As always have the awesomest weekends out everybody! This week's actually gone so fast and been quite busy so I'm not so secretly chuffed that it is Friday. This weekend I will hopefully be filming one or two videos for my channel; a favourites roundup and another book haul (although don't be fooled, I've not been shopping for books...well not much). I'm also hoping to catch up on blog things, watch plenty of Parks & Rec (Leslie is life) and have a sleep in or two! See you cool cats on Monday x.

*Review copy

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