My Week in Pictures #3

Hey everyone, I hope you are well and have had lovely weeks. An alternative name for this post could be the stay at home edition. For numerous reasons this week I've not really been out a lot or up to anything overly exciting but I still wanted to do a weekly pictures post. Sometimes the beauty around us can be seen in the smallest of things and I feel like these photos really made me appreciate all those little moments this week. Hopefully next week's edition will be more exciting as it is my birthday week and that usually means a good time is guaranteed. Anyway, here's what I have been up to lately...

-Above: Some of the makeup bits'n pieces I used in my videos last weekend. *Shameful plug alert, they're both up on my channel now. I'm a bit obsessed with all of the above at the moment, especially that L'Oreal foundation.

-Gilmore Girls and Lucky Charms, a snack Lorelai Gilmore would approve of I like to think.

-I'm not going to lie, I visit Buzzfeed at least once a day most days and I love it. The big lamp made an appearance and I'm not gonna lie, I only like it because it gives me slight Pixar lamp vibes.

-Matching my pyjama pants to my box of tissues. The only positive about needing tissues at the moment. Those Elsa+Anna pants are from Peter Alexander and they're so cosy and warm.

-Okay, so this photo isn't from this week but whatever. I mainly included this to show you that awesome Rory Gilmore card I gave to a friend with her birthday presents. Isn't it awesome?! You can find it here

-On Wednesday I purchased my ticket to go see Florence and the Machine in November and I am ridiculously excited. This is my birthday present this year from the 'rents, my hint dropping worked haha. Is it bad I've already started thinking about what to wear?

*Have the raddest weekends+Fridays everyone! Tomorrow I'm having an early birthday lunch with some friends and I'm really looking forward to it. It's definitely not just for the fact cake is involved, I promise. Other than that I don't have a lot planned really. See y'all on Monday with a beauty themed post.

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