My Week in Pictures #2

I had such a good time last week taking almost daily snaps that I decided to revisit the idea again this week. I've been out and about a few times with friends and family but forgot to take my camera on those occasions. Whoops. I did still manage to get a fair few photos on both my camera and phone this week though. Here's what I got up to..

-(Above): After a little bit of deliberating, I decided I missed having an inspiration board in my room so my old one made its way back to the wall. My walls are still really plain but having this back up helps to liven things up a bit again.

-Another collection of books from the public library. I'm not gonna lie, I really like those Miss Marvel comics which is strange because I am really not the biggest Marvel fan. I once got Captain America and Captain Planet mixed up..Maybe this series will change my tune.

-Train rides post Paper Towns complete with sweet and salty popcorn for dinner because I didn't have time to grab proper food. This popcorn was amazing though! So was Paper Towns actually-need to see that again asap.

-The first season of Parks and Recreation came home with me on Wednesday and I had a bit of a mini-binge session yesterday watching a few episodes. So far I love it and am trying to resist the urge to watch all the episodes in one go.

-Some phone snaps. #1-Coffee, cake and Renegade Collective, #2-A lil' Feel Unique order with some new bits from Zoella Beauty and the Topshop Beauty lipstick in Rio Rio. #3-Hokey Pokey icecream (an NZ staple) and Sprite at the Paper Towns screening. #4-Nimona x Noelle Stephenson, a graphic novel I read and liked this week. #5-Not my photo but one I've seen doing the rounds on Instagram and Pinterest. Peonies and stripes are two of my favourite things.

*I hope your weeks have been awesome! Highlight of my week (so far) aside from seeing Paper Towns and nearly screaming at one point (you'll get it when you see it), was watching Inside Out. Oh my gosh, that movie. So many feelings, such  a wicked concept. I loved it. Have the best weekend everyone and I'll see you on Monday with another life post x.

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