August Favourites

August has been a month of awesomeness. Aside from being my birthday month, which inevitably tends to make it that much radder, I also got to hang out with some brilliant people, watch fantastic films and even soak up a bit of sunshine. It's the little things right? Today though it's all about the beauty and non-beauty things I have been loving throughout August. There's some rediscovered favourites, some new things and one of the most inspiring books I've read ever...

Parks and Recreation-So I am a little bit late to the Parks and Rec bandwagon, but now I've arrived and I am lovin' it. Admittedly I felt like Season 1 took a little while to find its feet but it is hilarious. Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope is just comedy gold. Parks and Rec is probably going to be one of those shows you'll either like or loathe, but if you are a fan of The Office or The IT Crowd then I think you'd appreciate it.

L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation in Vanilla*-I'm not sure why this foundation is only just making a favourites appearance because I've been loving and using it for a couple of months now. It's one of the only drugstore foundations that actually matches my skintone and while it does dry down pretty matte it still lets a little bit of a natural sheen through which is okay in my books. As for the lasting power, I wouldn't wear makeup for twenty four hours (who would?) but it definitely does stay put for a decent amount of time. It also gives great coverage too. I highly recommend this one.

Mac Men Love Mystery Lipstick* and Heroine Lip Pencil-I loved this lipstick Mac sent me but I wanted something to amplify the purple tones and the Heroine lip pencil does the trick. Given this lipstick is matte I wouldn't say it feels overly drying on the lips, in fact I find it applies really creamily and still stays put. If you want a purple lipstick that's a bit subtler this one is fantastic. It is limited edition though I think so if you're after one you'll have to be quick.

Life and Love: Creating The Dream by Lisa Messenger-Collective has fast become one of my favourite magazines and so when I saw its creator and editor, Lisa Messenger had written two books I ordered them both from the library. This is her most recent one and it's all about surrounding yourself with positivity, ambition and a whole lot of GSD (get shit done) attitude. She seems like such an amazing person and her can-do attitude is infectious. I mean, Collective magazine is only two years young and I feel like everyone is talking about it. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants something that'll get their motivational mindset going or just wants a whole lot of good vibes.

theBalm Mary Lou-Manizer-I am not sure how I'd neglected this highlighter for so long because it is awesome. This is one of those highlighters that isn't made up of a tonne of chunky glitter particles so it leaves a less disco ball-esque sheen on the cheeks. Let's be real my explanation isn't going to do this highlighter justice. It is beautiful and worth all the hype it gets. If you can get your hands on one or can swatch it in store, do it.

Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara-Okay, I partly bought this one because the campaign for it with Katy Perry made me smile, but also because I had read positive reviews about it from fellow beauty bloggers. This is one of those does-it-all mascaras. It lengthens and makes your lashes look thicker and fuller. It also holds a curl really well on its own which I feel like a lot of mascaras aren't great at doing. One con with this is it's a bit of a 'mare to remove but I'm willing to let that slide because it's that good. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, limited edition*-Confession time: I'm always a bit skeptical about oils because, for me at least, they don't seem to do an awful lot. Maybe I'm using them wrong, but they don't seem to work really well for me. This tea tree oil though, wow. My skin's had a bit of a freakout this month so I've been taking this on some cotton buds and applying it to blemishes. It's not a quick fix but it definitely helps to calm them down and make them look less angry and planet-like. If you want something for blemishes or scarring, this is the one. The 20ml size was limited edition but the regular size is available year round.

-What have you been loving August?

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