My Week in Pictures #6

It's the end of another week, and almost another month for that matter. I'm quite pleased for Spring and warmer days to be honest. Not to mention being able to abandon tights and all the extra layers. While I will miss wearing my navy trench coat, I won't miss the tights and socks. I really am a tshirt/light top girl at heart. This week's a bit short on imagery and rather than riddle you with excuses, I'll let you know that this week just wasn't that..exciting. Sure there were things happening but nothing worthy of cameras, unless you wanted to see artistic shots of my 'Sophie' badge from work. Ha. Anyway, here is the week that was...

(Above)-Two of my favourite makeup products; the Tartelette blush in Celebrated and Topshop's lipstick in Rio Rio.

-I gave my pinboard a bit of a makeover on the weekend because I wanted to see some more vibrant colours and a touch of flora and fauna on my wall. I love the way it looks. Those cushions you see are from Freedom Furniture and Kmart. 

-A little sneak peek at my first Nouvelle Daily haul. Btw, this took just over a week to ship to New Zealand which is pretty dang fast in my books. It was all so well packaged too and I even got a lil' note from Kate, Jordan and Mouse.

-Some books I'd requested from the library recently. A couple of these are going to be on my September Reading List so you'll hear more about them soon.

*Have the raddest weekend guys and if you're off to Fashion Weekend have fun. I went last year and it is a good time. I highly recommend you check out the Lonely Lingerie stand if they're there because their pieces are a bargain at the Designer Garage Sale. This weekend I'm not too sure what I want to do tbh-I kinda want to go to the Zinefest though and also on a bit of a second hand bookstore spree. Speaking of, if you have any recommendations of second hand bookstores I should check out please let me know! Have a good one and I will see you all on Monday with a haul, or two x.

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