The Purse-Friendly Eyeshadow Brushes

When it comes to beauty and fashion, I'm always on the hunt for bargains that are just as good as their higher end counterparts. To be honest, that can often end up being easier said than done here in New Zealand. The quality of products might not be as good or things that are traditionally much cheaper overseas end up with a ludicrously high markup once they make it to our shelves. 

Thankfully, when it comes to makeup brushes at least, finding a cheap, awesome alternative is no longer a total 'mare and that's all down to the brilliance of Shannon Harris aka Shaaanxo. I already owned one of her face brushes but decided to pick up some of the eye brushes to try recently. Given I got two brushes for $30 as opposed to double that price *cough Mac, cough* I was pleased. These brushes are really good so read on if you're curious about my new faves..

Angled Top Synthetic Eyeshadow Brush-This brush is great with cream shadows if you want a sheerer wash of colour. It also works well with powder shadows across the lids too and its tapered edge means you can even get a bit of crease definition happening as well. It's super soft and despite being densely packed with bristles, it dries up really quickly. This is such a plus if you're like me and don't like waiting for brushes to dry. 

Synthetic Eyeshadow Brush-This paintbrush style brush is also great for using with cream eyeshadows for a more even, concentrated layer of colour on the lids. I know some people prefer using their fingers with cream products but with eyeshadow in particular I find brushes easier to use. It's also extremely soft and I love it. 

-Have you tried any xoBeauty brushes before? What did you think of them?

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