Books I Read & Liked, Vol. 1

It was quite recently that I realised that I don't write about books on my blog as much as I thought. These days I seem to get through a lot of them and I often run out of time to talk about everything so in an attempt to combat that I thought I'd start a new ish feature of books I have read, liked, but may not have had the chance to natter on to you lovely lot about just yet. Most of these I have read already or am currently reading just for reference. So yeah, here is what I have read and enjoyed...

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas*-I think it was in one of my videos recently that I talked about how this book had taken me a little while to get into but now I have and I am hooked. The first book of five tells the story of Celaena, an assassin who is selected as the prince's candidate to fight in a to-the-death tournament against other assassins from across the land, all in the name of her freedom. A few people have dubbed Celaena as a modern-day Buffy Summers which I do kinda agree with. I really like this series and can't wait to read the rest of these books. I was actually sent the fourth book, out in September yesterday so I really need to get a move on with the rest.

Anne of Green Gables by L M Montgomery-Considering how much I loved the film-length version of these books back in the day I am surprised I'd never read the book until last year. Anne Shirley is such an iconic character in literature and I loved her fiery nature, kindred spirit and love of good literature. I need to start reading the other books but I'm waiting until I go to a secondhand bookstore as I am sure there'll be some hiding there.

Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter by Louise Pentland*-I'll be honest, I was kinda worried Louise's book was going to be just another YouTube book but I shouldn't have. I mean it is Louise after all and she wouldn't let that happen. This book really epitomises everything Louise is about-fashion, friendly banter, a touch of sparkliness and of course some humour. There's stunning imagery throughout and I loved how every page has a different design. It's a really positive, uplifting read and would really go down a treat with teens or young adults. 

As If! The oral history of Clueless by Jen Chaney-After reading the writeup about Clueless in Vanity Fair's July issue I almost immediately requested this book from the local library. I love Clueless and reading about how it began, the many inspirations behind it and all the cast's relationships with the story really appeals to me y'know? I'll do a full review over on my Goodreads but so far, so good. 

-Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

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