Mascara Enabling

If the eyes are the windows to the soul then surely mascara has to be the pretty drapes or curtains that deck out those glass panes. Just go with the analogy guys I'm feeling proud of that piece of imaginative prose. Mascara is probably the one makeup product I never like to miss out, even if I'm not that bothered with beauty products that day. As a result it's one of my favourite things to try and I like testing out a lot of different ones. Some of these experiments are usually the aftereffects of some master enabling from fellow friends and beauty bloggers. See below for the evidence...

Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara-Enabler: Anna, the master enabler herself. Until Cult Beauty bought this in stock the chances of owning this mascara were slim as it's very hard to come by outside of Asia. I've not opened this one up yet as I am still using its sister mascara which I love. I am expecting similar results though albeit with a longer lasting formula and curl holding properties. I will keep you posted.

Essence Lash Mania Mascara-Enabler: My friend Jess, confidante and fellow beauty devotee. Jess has extremely good taste in many things, especially beauty so when I literally witnessed her picking up this mascara and a few backups in Priceline I knew it had to be good. Apparently it's amazing for enhancing lashes and making them look ten times more fabulous. Bold claims huh? If you're in New Zealand, Farmers have this mascara available although it's often sold out here. Clearly it's popular across the ditch too. Again, I shall keep you updated with this one..

-What mascaras do you use and love?

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