My Week in Pictures #5

Another week, another opportunity to get camera happy. This week's been slightly hampered by the rain, mad props to Mother Nature for that *ahem* but nonetheless I did still manage to get a few pictures over the week. Although, in all honesty this week I've been doing more writing than photography. It's funny how things shift like that sometimes. Anyway, here is what I have been up to and seen...

(Above)-The lovely folk at Mac sent me two of their new Giambattista Valli lipsticks this week and the cutest little posy of roses to go alongside them. How pretty is that campaign image by the way? I usually don't keep press releases but this one's so stunning it'll definitely be heading to the mood board.

-On Wednesday I had my hair cut and then I went for a walk in the Auckland Botanical Gardens. I headed straight for the cacti and succulent section on this trip and I could almost pretend I was in the Californian desert. Almost. Next time I visit, weather permitting and all, I'm gonna take my proper camera along for the ride.

-Last week I found this book and discovered the work of artist Beth Hoeckel. Her collages are just so cool and now I want to buy all the things from her Society 6 shop but I am trying to be good.

-Mini beauty things are just the cutest aren't they? I'm most excited about those mini Nars pencils from Sephora but also the Ren samples because I love their skincare.

-The lovely Kate from gh0stparties is a curator of all things lovely, especially stationery and decor. She recently opened an online store and it is awesome. Marbled notebooks, Rifle Paper Co gems and an abundance of washi tape are just some of the things you'll find in here. I highly recommend you check it out if you like beautiful things.

*Have the best weekends ever guys! I just want to take the opportunity to remind everyone to not compare your behind the scenes to someone else's highlight reels, that goes for carefully curated Instagram feeds and all. For example, I have things going on behind the scenes that I don't talk about online, anywhere for that matter and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we all deserve to have as much of our lives kept private as we so wish. Where was I going with this...I don't know but yeah just don't think people have 100% wondrous lives because chances are they face the same struggles you do. I'll see all you cool cats on Monday with another book post x.

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