My Week In Pictures #7

Another week, another fortnight's worth of photos. It's been a slight rollercoaster of a fortnight. I've been working quite a bit and just dealing to some life things. Nothing overly exciting. I did make time to head along to a blog event last week though, more on that in a second, and of course there is always time for delicious food. Again, more on that in a second. It's time to let the pictures start talking..

(Above)-Venue snaps from the Roxy on Fort Lane for the Lush Bazaar. Beauty bloggers, vloggers and media were treated to an exclusive look at their upcoming Christmas collection. It was a fun time and it was great to see Madi, Hannah, Laura, Megan, Angie and Meagan there. The Christmas products look so exciting too! I still can't show you anything just yet but once I'm allowed to talk about it you'll be the first to know.

-Amazing gelato from Giapo on Queen Street in Auckland. This one is hokey pokey (a quintessential New Zealand flavour) with hokey pokey pieces inside and dark chocolate dip+hokey pokey pieces on the outside. It was so freakin' good. If you're ever in Auckland I highly recommend you go here.

-A stack of blue books I photographed for my book Instagram. It's interesting to me, or perhaps just an awesome coincidence that blue is my favourite colour and a lot of my favourite books are also blue.

-A snapshot from the Kate Spade Places To Go, People To See book. If you like stunning visuals you need to track this book down.

-Saturday vibes with the newest issue of Yen and a mini bottle of the new Vanilla milk from Lewis Road Creamery. The verdict: It's good but I still think the chocolate milk they did is nicer.

*Have an awesome weekend everyone! I'm looking forward to catching up with my friend Amy and also a dinner with the family+Italian food. I've been listening to heaps of Amy Winehouse music lately so her cd's going to be on high rotation at some point too. Have a good one-and I will see you all on Monday with a yet to be decided post. The joy of having to move my blog calendar around slightly. See y'all then though. 

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