The Virgin Mojito Collection x The Body Shop

At the height of the European Summer when I saw many a beauty blogger mentioning the Virgin Mojito products from The Body Shop, my eyes turned into heart emojis, much like the ones included in the latest Snapchat update. Well, on October 5th they'll finally be available in the Southern Hemisphere. Can I get an amen? They're refreshing, delectable and bound to make a good impression on many a bathroom shelf. They are limited edition though so if you want them you're gonna have to move fast..

Virgin Mojito Body Scrub*-Out of all the Virgin Mojito products, this is definitely going to be the one I run walk briskly to The Body Shop to grab a backup of. It has a really interesting texture and is more of a jelly with the scrub itself suspended in it. If you're like me, you'll also imagine that angelic sound effect (y'know the one whenever someone opens something iconic/important on TV shows or in a movie) whenever you remove the lid. It smells good enough to drink. Seriously. I use scrubs year-round to combat the dry patches I tend to get around my elbows and ankles and The Body Shop's are my favourite. If you buy anything from this range, go for this.

Virgin Mojito Shower Gel*-After the body scrub, this would probably be my second favourite product from the new range. I'm sure the scent comes into it but this shower gel feels so cooling and refreshing on the skin. Combine this with a loofah and you have a match made in shower heaven. 

Virgin Mojito Body Splash*-If the name of this product plus the packaging alone aren't enough to entice you, I'm not sure what will be. This is essentially a liquid perfume or body mist if you will. I thought it was going to be quite messy to apply but it really isn't. I cup some of the liquid in my hand and then pat it onto my limbs and pulse points. Like the previous two products this smells absolutely amazing and I think this will be great in Summer to combat the sometimes not so lovely sunscreen smell. 

-Are you excited for the Virgin Mojito range? What's on your wishlist? 

*PR Samples but as always all love of delicious smelling products and thoughts are my own.

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