September Favourites

Another month, another rather early dose of September Favourites goodness. For once I was very decisive when it came to compiling this list for the blog. There's a couple of repeat offenders in the mix as well as some new loves, both beauty and non-beauty. Here's what took my fancy in September..

bareMinerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil Balm in Punch Pop-I'm cheating a bit here as this was only purchased last week but I love it so much and felt it deserved an inclusion. These new lip balms from bareMinerals are super pigmented but you can easily sheer them out with your finger. These contain passionfruit seed oil and Vitamin E and they're so moisturising. Seriously, they're putting most of my other lip balms to shame. I highly recommend these if you want something hydrating with a punch of vibrant colour for your pout.

Daisy Dream x Marc Jacobs-This fragrance has been on high rotation this month, probably because it's been living in my satchel for the majority of September. I've just noticed this was in my September Favourites last year as well, deja vu much? There's something about fruity, slightly floral fragrances that just screams Spring and Summer to me. It's such a vibrant, uplifting fragrance. I love it. PS-The newer version of this, Daisy Dream Forever is worth a spritz too. 

Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner*-It's been around two months now since I started using Revitalash and while I was skeptical as to its effectiveness at first, I really think it's working its magic. For those not in the know, Revitalash is a rather popular lash serum on the NZ market. It's hard for me to tell if it's made my lashes thicker, because I already have quite thick lashes, but it's definitely lengthened them. They feel a lot softer too, although maybe that's my imagination. I'm going to do a review of this sometime around the three or four month mark so keep an eye out for it.

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme and Cucumber Gel Masks-One of my friends (shoutout to M if you're reading) got me the mini mask set from Sephora for my birthday and I've become obsessed with these two masks. The Pumpkin Enzyme mask is quite exfoliating, so it's great when your skin needs a good ol' clean and refresh. It seems almost brightening in a way as well so it's great for dull skin. The Cucumber Gel mask on the other hand will be your BFF in times of need, i.e. when a planet sized blemish decides to move in on your face. It's really cooling too which I love.

Australis Metallix Shadows in Gold Gaga and Pearl Jammin'-Now these have definitely made an appearance on my favourites before. Possibly more than once. These incredibly pigmented, buttery cream eyeshadows set down to leave your lids looking shimmery, sparkly and fabulous. Seriously, they're gorgeous and they're so long-wearing. I'm obsessed with these eyeshadows and I always get asked what's on my eyes when I'm wearing one. If you're in New Zealand or Australia, go give these a swatch and/or buy a couple. You won't regret it.

Submarine by Joe Dunthorne-This was easily my favourite book and also film of the month. I've already talked about it a bit on the blog this month so I won't ramble on too much. This novel is brilliant, raw, and utterly hilarious. If you're a fan of Nick Hornby or Stephen Chbosky then I think you'll enjoy this book. 

III x JoJo-Everyone's favourite '04/05 teen queen JoJo is back with a new EP, which I believe is a snippet of the songs we can expect from her upcoming album. It's so freakin' good guys. It's hard to pick a standout track because they're all awesome. In terms of music-I've also been liking Miley Cyrus' new album that she dropped online and Vampire Weekend. The latter seems to always make a reappearance on my playlists at this time of year.

-What have you been loving during September?

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