My Week In Pictures #8

Well here we are again with another round of snap happiness. Y'know how this works by now. The last few weeks have been quite busy as I've been working a bit, preparing to re-sit my driver's license test, heading away for a short-break at the end of this week among other things. Busy times, although for once I'm not feeling too daunted by it. Long may it last. Anyway, here's what I have snapped with my girlboss camera over the last week..

(Above)-I've always loved shadows. I'm going to hold Peter Pan accountable for this, and also that scene in A Series of Unfortunate Events when they're making shadow art in the sheet-fort they make at Count Olaf's. So when I was heading out one day last week and the sun was shining, I decided to snap my shadow.

-I hung out with Fiona last week which was an awesome time. We always have the best fun when we're together. We headed to Dear Jervois for lunch which I'd never visited and oh my gosh it was amazing. From the decor with major #lifegoal+Pinterest vibes, to this utterly amazing muesli bowl I had. You have to visit it someday! I'll definitely be heading here again.

-If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that I'm doing a giveaway to win a copy of Kristina Webb's upcoming book (out Monday in NZ), Color Me Creative. From the snippets I have seen on Instagram it looks amazing. Here's the link to my giveaway and I'd love it if you entered! There's two to give away and I'm looking forward to seeing what my Kiwi followers come up with. Get creative people! 

-I watched Submarine on Friday and it was brilliant. So much aesthetic goodness and that cinematography was top notch. Richard Ayoade is a wizard. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if he'd escaped from Hogwarts to join the Muggles. 

-Watching Episode #1 of Alexa's series on the Future of Fashion for British Vogue. I loved seeing her book of polaroids and other mementoes from her modeling days. 

-I've not even read The Magic of Tidying or whatever that book's called but I may not need to. In a spur of the moment thing I completely cut back my bag of 'products to try' and also minis and things to use on the go or take traveling. Yes, I was rather proud of myself. 

-A little sneak peek inside Fiona's makeup kit for when she does makeup and hair for brides or women who want to be glammed up. PS-I'm biased but she is pretty darn pro at what she does.

*Have the greatest weekends everyone! As you read this I will be on a bus en route to Palmerston North, or Shaaanxo's hometown which you overseas folk probably know it as. I'm just there for the day as I have family there so I thought I'd take advantage of being a bit closer to where they live to go visit. This weekend I'll be exploring Wellington City. There's a couple of things on my agenda; Six Barrel Soda Co. and visiting the WWI exhibit at Te Papa. Oh-and Cuba Street+Fidels Milkshakes are bound to happen as well. If you have any Wellington recommendations, tweet them to me @nanawintourblog. 

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